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Whacking Boys Is Great Fun


Whacking Boys Is Great Fun.  It is absolutely the greatest.  I’ve been enjoying it as far back as I can remember which is before I started kindergarten.  The boy whose bottom I saw first and most often being spanked was that of my year older brother, Kenny.

When we were little, it was Mother who was usually the spanker and she never objected to my watching even though Kenny would whine “But Jennifer is watching.”  That never changed anything, of course.  At the start of every spanking he always worried that I would see his cute little pee-pee and did his best to cover it up with his hands.  But it was his other side that was my greater interest especially as Mom held him over her lap and SPANKED him good and proper so that he was bawling and turning red.  When he got up, hiding his pee-pee was never a concern as he would be desperately trying to rub out the blazing fires in his now glowing bright red bottom while doing the Dance of Spanked Boys.

I was not just limited to enjoying only Kenny’s bottom turn red and seeing his little thingy bounce about when he was dancing.  If his friends were visiting and they got into trouble together then I would have the enhanced pleasure of watching a double spanking.  I thought of it as a double tailer like those double header baseball games Kenny watched.  Kenny’s friends also whined about my being there but I still happily got to see everything.  I also delighted in seeing my friends’ brothers get spanked.  All of these were wonderful experiences.

Occasionally, alas only very occasionally, I would get a special thrill for Mother would allow me to give Kenny a few spanks while she had him over her lap.  This only happened if the offence he committed had harmed me directly in some way.  I think I was about nine when that started.  As you can imagine, these were most treasured days.

One of my most prized memories is the first time Mom decided to use her hairbrush on Kenny.  It’s an old fashioned one with a heavy oak back that used to be Grandma’s.  He had been particularly out of control that faithful day.  After he shoved me and I fell getting all muddy, Mother sprang into action.  She grabbed and dragged him over to the table and sat on the bench.  She really lectured him good before taking his jeans and briefs off and pulling him over her lap.  Then it was spank, Spank, SPANK!  Kenny made a big blunder by trying to get free.  “Get my hairbrush, please, Jennifer.” she said tightening her grip on him.© YLeeCoyote

“Yes, Mother.” I said my heart and feet both racing.  I knew about the hairbrush being a mother’s favorite spanking implement from reading many stories that featured spanking and now I was going to see one in action.  I hoped it would be as effective on Kenny as it was on all those naughty boys in the stories.  I was so excited that I ran back with it.

Kenny was still resisting when I returned.  I watched for a few seconds and then I acted instinctively without asking Mother’s permission.  I gave Kenny a good WHACK with the brush.  That triggered some wonderful things.  First, of course, the sound of the whack when the brush connected with the naughty boy’s bare bottom.  Second, a howl like I had never heard before.  Third, a red oval matching exactly where I had made the brush impact his tender bottom.  All this was just like described in the stories but this time it was most wonderfully real.  But there was a fourth thing which was absolutely fantastic.  Mother said “Give him another whack on the other check, Jennifer.”  I could hardly believe my ears but as I’m an obedient girl I did as she said.  The response was the same.  I was thrilled beyond words.

“Kenny, I won’t start spanking you until you stop fighting me.” Mother said and after a pause added “Until then Jennifer will give you a taste of the hairbrush.”  She then looked at me and nodded.  WOW!  I took that to mean I should whack him again.  Of course, I did it without hesitating.  Twice.  Hard!  Kenny howled again but stopped fighting Mother.  I did not know if I should be happy that I was effective or sad that I had to relinquish the wonderful hairbrush.

Mother really spanked him then.  He was not only howling but bawling by the time she stopped.  Never before had I seen his bottom so fiery red and swollen.  It was surely the spanking of his life as is said in the stories.  I showered as Mother dealt with my muddy dress and Kenny, hands on his head, bawled in the corner.

It was a wonderfully fantastic day (at least for me).  Those four whacks gave me the best feeling I ever had.  I knew that I wanted to give more.  I started to think hard about how I could be able to spank and whack boys.  I did not think that any would volunteer (although when I got older I would learn that some would).  I knew that this time was truly special and not likely to be repeated.  It was soon after that I decided that I should become a babysitter in charge of boys and thus be able to spank them.  Unfortunately, that would have to wait until I was a teenager.

* * * * * * * * * *

Although over the years I got to see and occasionally participate in Kenny’s spankings there was not anything new until one wonderful day when we were both about twelve.  I had a half year to go and Kenny was, as always, a year ahead of me.  This day Dad was at work and Mom had to do some stuff so she left us alone for a few hours in the middle of the day.  This was very unusual and came with dire warnings of the terrible consequences of not behaving properly.  I expected it to be the usual dull day.

After getting a snack, I was heading back to my room when Kenny’s ball hit me at the bottom of the stairs.  Fortunately, it did not hurt me but that prevented it from hitting the hall lamp with shattering consequences.  We yelled at each other and then Kenny demanded his ball back but I had the better argument.  “I’ll give it to Mom and explain how I got it.” I said.

I think he turned a little green.  “Please don’t do that.” he whined.

“I’m sure she’ll give it back to you.” I paused and repeated “She’ll give it back right back after she SPANKS you for playing ball in the house.”  I let this sink in.  “And probably get a babysitter for next time.”  The green increased and I saw an opportunity.  “Kenny, you were naughty and must be punished.  I won’t tell Mom if I spank you before she returns.”  He was now shocked as well as green.  “It is entirely your choice.”

Kenny did not like that at all and argued.  I just stood my ground and after a little back and forth we agreed that I would spank him, return the ball and not tell.  I was absolutely delighted.  You can guess what he thought.

My immediate vision was to have my brother over my lap and whack the hell out of him with the hairbrush even harder than our mom would do.  Fortunately some common sense hit me and made me pause and consider.  If I spanked him harder than Mother would, he would not have any reason to ever allow me to spank him rather than Mom.  I knew that I had to restrain myself even as I got the hairbrush.

I sat on Kenny’s bed and told him to stand in front of me.  I reminded him that he was a very naughty boy and was going to be spanked for playing ball in the house.  He got upset when I started to open his pants.  “Don’t be silly, Kenny.  I been seeing your little pee-pee for many years and I know what it is like.  No need to be shy.  Need I remind you that spankings are always on the bare bottom?”  I then continued and he stayed passive while I got his pants and briefs down.  I pulled him over my lap and got a grip on his waist.  My heart was already racing with the excitement and we were just getting started.

Then I delivered my first spank to a boy over my lap.  It was a great thrill even though it was not hard enough to make a hand print or for Kenny to feel he was being spanked.  I spanked him a few more times with little to show for my effort.  That is when I switched to the hairbrush.  The first WHACK got Kenny’s full attention and made my heart jump for joy.  A dozen more like it and Kenny was no longer laughing at my feeble hand spanks.  His howls and the WHACKS kept echoing in my head marvelously.

It was nowhere a sufficient punishment for his transgression but I stopped for I had to spank less than Mother did.  I told him to get up and was rewarded with a spanked boy dance complete with bobbing pee-pee and a bright red bottom.  I left him and went to my room where I dreamed of spanking him and other boys.  Surely this would prove to be one of the very best days of my life was one of my thoughts.

After I spanked Kenny on my very own for the first time, I was able to repeat it.  The same options continued to be an inducement for him to submit to me rather than getting spanked by Mother.  Our parents marveled that we were able to get along so well and Kenny got special praise for not bullying me.  We never told them that I was spanking my older brother and he was accepting such discipline from me.  By now I realized that Kenny was a wimp.

* * * * * * * * * *

We were visiting our Aunt and Uncle and cousins.  Cousin Kirk was my age and Zoe a year younger.  The olds were hiding in the air-conditioned house while Zoe and I were in the garden in the shade of the great elm and the boys were off somewhere.  Believe it or not, but we actually ran out of stuff to talk about and were tired of sitting so we decided to take a walk in the woods that bordered their property.  It was there that we encountered our naughty brothers.  They had shed their clothes and were in the brook.  That was, of course, strictly forbidden without supervision.

“Kenny get out of the water immediately.  You are in so much trouble.” I yelled.

I had confided in Zoe how I had managed to get my brother over my lap and spank him so she yelled at her brother also.  “Kirk – that goes for you too.  Out of the water right now!”

Not surprisingly there were objections because they were skinny dipping.  “So what!  We have seen naked boys before.  Now get your butts out of there.” I yelled back.

Reluctantly, they obeyed and soon were standing in front of us, dripping.  I was surprised that Kirk was not covering his boyhood like Kenny was.  Zoe explained the options to her brother.  Kenny confirmed that it happened before and agreeing to an immediate spanking was definitely the best option.  “I don’t want to get spanked but better by her than from Mom or Dad who spank a lot harder.” he finished with.

Kirk reluctantly agreed to our terms.  “Watch carefully so you see what you have to do.  It’s really very simple.”  I told Zoe to sit on a rock and ordered Kenny to get over her lap.  When he was in place, I made sure she had a good grip on his waist and told her to start spanking.  Naturally, she was ineffective (just like I had been that first time) until I handed her one of the boys’ flip-flops.  That rubber-like little paddle made a huge difference.  At home I always had my hairbrush but out in the woods some creative improvising was required.

Zoe was doing a fine job but I wanted to spank him also so using another flip-flop I demonstrated how to whack a boy properly.  My cousin then hit harder.  She did a fine job for Kenny yelled and sobbed a bit as she roasted his bottom to a nice rich red.

Before Kenny had finished his spanking dance I sat on the same rock and Zoe guided Kirk into position.  As I got him settled and gave him a few hand spanks, Zoe retrieved the flip-flop and handed it to me.  Then Kirk really learnt what sort of spanking a girl can deliver.  He howled and cried more than Kenny did.  He was the second boy that I spanked and I was looking forward to many more.  Again, copying my example Zoe gave her brother a few hard whacks also while he was over my lap.

The next time we talked Zoe told me that she had experienced the same wonderful feelings that I had when I first spanked Kenny and she was looking forward to spanking her brother again in the near future.  I knew that my cousins’ lives had been changed.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was back in the summer when my cousin Kenny and I were having a nice swim in the brook cooling off from the heat when our sisters appeared.  It was definitely bizarre what happened.  They yelled at us for being naughty and demanded we get out of the water, surely so that they could see our dicks.  Well, I thought, maybe this would be interesting and maybe we could get them to strip and join us so I did not try to cover up like Kenny did.

Those nice thoughts did not last very long.  It quickly became apparent that Kenny and Jennifer had some strange deal (agreement perhaps) that she spanked him rather then tell their parents of his misconduct.  I watched with amazement how Kenny meekly followed his sister’s orders and got over my sister’s lap for a spanking.  The girls just loved all of this and Kenny, even though he was two years older than Zoe, accepted it just like I accept spanking from my parents.

After they had finished with him, I was ordered to get over Jennifer’s lap for similar treatment.  When I objected, it was three against one and I was reminded that our misbehavior would be reported and Kenny’s spanking would have been in vain.  I could not resist such an argument and quickly found myself over Jennifer’s lap and getting spanked with my own flip-flop.  That was not a joke for it hurt.  Like Kenny had, I howled and cried but I was exaggerating.  Jennifer encouraged Zoe to assist her and they whacked my butt like a pair of drums they were sharing.  It was awful to say the least.

The girls did not want to strip and get into the cool refreshing water but allowed us to as they would ‘supervise’ and thus it would not be a violation of the rules.  Obviously, they felt that they were in charge but it let Kenny and me enjoy the cool water, especially on our hot butts, without further harassment.

When Zoe told me that she would continue to spank me like Jennifer spanked Kenny when he was bad, I decided that this was most improper and should not be happening.  I was determined to prevent it from ever occurring again.  I had an advantage over Kenny since I was warned about how this was happening and my sister is not nearly as aggressive as our cousin and, frankly, Kenny is a wimp which I am not.

My opportunity came after we had several wet weekends and the lawn really needed to be cut.  I did not need Dad to remind me of my chore with the threat of a spanking for any non-act-of-God failure.  This weekend it was to be done.  Since Mom would go out again, as had become her Saturday morning practice, I figured I could set this all up.  I made sure to have breakfast before Dad left.  With my phone on record I started the conversation “Dad, no need to remind me about the lawn.  I know it needs cutting.”

And I got the answer I wanted. “Right, Kirk, today is a perfect day to cut the lawn and I’m looking forward to seeing it this evening.”  He paused and added “I’m very pleased that you are taking your responsibility seriously.”  Actually the answer was even better than I had hoped for since I got some praise.  It was not much later that Mom also left on her excursions leaving my sister and me alone.

I quickly got to my task (that sounds so much better than chore) and just as I expected Zoe came out to call me ‘naughty’ and ‘in need of a spanking or she would rat me out’.  I was prepared.  I told her to wait a minute while I’ll turned off the mower and the music on my phone so I could hear her better.  I also turned on the recorder.

“Kirk you are being a very naughty boy doing the lawn without the folks here.  Now I won’t tell if you get over my lap for a spanking.”  She was even waving the hairbrush.  She missed the obvious that a cut lawn would be obvious but she never thought things out logically.  But I now had what I needed.  She had improperly threatened me and even used blackmail.  It was all in my phone.  I quickly saved it and then told her how wrong she was.

“Listen here young lady.  First, Dad expects the lawn done and we even discussed it this morning and he knew that Mom would also be out.  Second, you don’t have any right to punish me with a spanking or anything else.  Third, you are using blackmail which is a crime as well as unethical.  Fourth, since I am the older one, it is I who am in charge.”  She looked shocked.  This was not going as Jennifer had surely told it would.  “Would you like to hear the proof of what I said?  It is all recorded.”

Zoe stood there flummoxed.  I took the hairbrush from her hand and lead her to the bench.  “Naughty little girls like you get spanked to teach them their place.”  I sat down and pulled her over my lap.  She was yelling that I could not do this but ignoring the obvious that not only that I could but I was.  I pressed her hand up to her neck to hold her in place.  To make sure she knew this was happening, I gave her a few hard hand spanks.  She howled.  That was music to my ears.

I lifted up her skirt and yanked the back of her panties down and switched to the hairbrush.  That made an even bigger impression on her.  In just a minute she was crying and then bawling.  I was delighted but knew I must not go overboard.  I stopped spanking and led her to the porch and told her to face the wall with her hands on her head.  I returned to work.

After a few minutes, I released her from that reflect-on-your-misbehavior position and told to tend to her chores and let me do my work as the folks expected.  She quickly scampered off.  She avoided me at lunch time and I finished the lawn, cleaned up the tools and felt very smug and grown up.  She did not complain to the folks that I had spanked her.

She never tried that stupid thing again.  Additionally, she was well behaved when we were left alone so that I would not have any cause to spank her again.  That is good since I really don’t like spanking my little sister.  I wonder if Kenny will ever grow a grow a set or remain under his sister’s whacking hairbrush.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 13, 2020

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