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The following story is fiction about an immature young lady who learns a lot about life from her younger male cousin.  It contains scenes of spanking and age regression.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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What I Really Did On My Summer Vacation


"What I did on My Summer Vacation" was always the first essay assignment of the school year.  I wish that I could have turned this essay in but I'm sure that would have caused ol' Ms. Uptight to send me to the VP with his ever ready paddle so she got a nice boring report of the two weeks in mountains from last year's summer that surely thrilled her.  You, my dear friend, are going to enjoy this.

I had not seen my cousin Lucy for a couple of years before the summer she came to stay with us when she was fourteen.  I was surprised when I saw her.  I thought that I was looking at a girl younger than I even though she was two years older.  She was wearing a T-shirt and her tits did not show at all.  She certainly was not wearing even a training bra.  My, er, "tits" actually made more of a bulge in my tight T-shirts then her flat chest did in hers but that because I was a muscular hunk (even if I say so myself).

They say that girls mature earlier than boys do but I don't think that "they" ever dealt with Lucy.  In my school, two out of three of the girls in my sixth grade class had noticeable boobs and the eight graders (where Lucy would have been) almost all of them did.  There is little doubt about that because they all like to show them off just like us guys do with our muscles and other bits (especially in the showers to lord it over the smaller guys).

I must confess that before I had met her, I had visions of what kissing cousins do and figured that it would be something new and fun.  Don't get me wrong, I had girlfriends as well as girl friends and dated but, hey, I was only twelve and so were they and they wanted to wait.  That was OK for I was not going to force them since a gentleman never does that.  It helped that I had a friend, Kenny, who just loved to get me off and I never ever had to worry about knocking him up.

For the first week, Mother and I showed Lucy about her new environment.  I even introduced her to my friends and their older siblings so that she would have friends her own age and gender.  After all, girls need to have something to do while we guys are on the playing fields and they love to go shopping together.  The lake is fun but most want to limit their sun exposure.© YLeeCoyote

It only took a week before it was evident that Lucy did not fit in with the older, going into the ninth grade in September group.  They did not want her about nor was she happy to be with them.

There was another thing.  She was spying on me.  I was sort spoiled because my folks had their own private bathroom so that I really did not have to share except for company.  If I had a sleepover, we never closed the door and changed just like in a locker room.  Unless, I remembered that Mom was also upstairs, I did that all the time.  She caught me nude a few times and it was cause for kidding.  Lucy was a different matter.  She was a female Peeping Tom!  She was very interested in seeing my junk for I caught her at it a couple of times.  Apparently she had never babysat a little boy and had not even seen a small package.  I think I would have let her look had she just asked, but it was the spying that I did not like.

With Dad at work all day, Mom and I had to watch her, like a baby, for she could not be left alone.  My folks had been letting me drink since I was eight.  No, not like a drunkard nor even a French kid with wine at every meal but starting with a bit of watered wine for religious ceremonies and at special dinners.  Dad had promised me that when I got older (although still far below the legal age) he would let me have more (under supervision).  Of course, there had to be restraint on my part until then or the deal was off (not to mention some other, unpleasant, consequences).  So alcohol was not an absolutely forbidden fruit but like a lot of other stuff it was extremely limited.  I really appreciated their trust and had decided that I would not betray it.  Lucy had been brought up differently for in her house the liqueur cabinet was kept locked.  She could yearn but short of busting the lock had to abstain (without any willpower needed).  That all was revealed when Mom asked her to get the sherry from the cabinet for her when she had a lady guest.

One Wednesday afternoon, my game got rained out.  Mom had asked me to try to get home early because she had her club meeting that afternoon so that Lucy would not be alone so I did not stay with my buds.  Unfortunately, Lucy had gotten home a couple of hours earlier and was sitting on the floor guzzling some fancy booze direct from the bottle.  I took a picture for I was carrying my camera.  Surprising she was not plastered but just high.  Later Dad told  me that it is hard to drink that good, high octane liqueur straight without practice which explains why she was going slow.  I took the bottle from her and put it back into the cabinet.  She was yelling at me for that like a little girl who had a misappropriated, coveted toy returned to another child.  I was able to get her upstairs to her room.

I had heard that tomato juice was an antidote and got a large glass full for her.  It was hard to make her drink it – especially after she spilt it on the floor.  Fortunately, there wasn't any carpet in that room.  I was at a loss about what to do after I threw a towel on the spill.  Then it came to me – she needed a spanking.  I had not been spanked since I was eight since my folks agreed that it was only for little kids.  Lucy had stated that she was glad to be here for the summer because her uncle (my father) did not spank like her father did.  Well, Lucy was one very naughty little girl and needed to be punished.  I decided that I should do like her father, my Uncle Lloyd, would have done.  I sat on her bed and pulled her over my lap.  I was almost as tall as she, definitely stronger and could hold her in place especially once I got my leg over hers and her torso pushed down.  She yelled and thrashed about with her arms but could not get free.  I lifted her skirt up and tucked it out of the way under my arm which was holding her down.  Apparently she did not notice that since she did not change her yells to include it.

She did, however, really notice when my hand crashed down on her pantie-covered butt with a really hard SPANK.  That provoked a loud yell which caused me to give her a few more spanks, just as hard, in rapid succession.  All her yells were now about being spanked and that I did not have any right to do that.  I removed my arm from her back and with both hands yanked her panties down to her knees.  It helped that she tried to get up at that time.  Once I had her panties down, I pushed her torso back down and resumed spanking her bare ass, ignoring her horrified yells.  After a few more spanks, she went limp and was crying like a well-spanked little girl always does.

I removed my leg from on top of hers and pulled her over both my thighs.  Her panties had slipped down and when I gave her a few more spanks, she kicked them off.  I got a good look at her pussy during this and it was totally hairless.  Her hips had not rounded out either, so fore, aft and center she was still just a little girl.  I finished off the spanking and she was bawling.  I stood her up and opened her skirt so it fell to the floor.  Then I led her to the corner and told her to remain there with her hands on her head, her roasted rump heating the room and to think about how naughty she had been and why she had been spanked.

I wiped up the tomato juice and returned to the kitchen where I took out the stuff mom had said to for dinner.  I got another glass of juice for Lucy.  She drank it without any objections while standing in the corner.  As I looked back as I left the room, I realized that her butt looked exactly like Kenny's and being bright red made it incredibly tempting.  I rushed to my phone and called Kenny.  He was available and was delighted to come over for a quickly.  When he saw my cousin's red hot tail he thought she was a guy and I explained that: "Her butt looks just like yours and being so bright red has made me very horny."  I gave him a slap on his butt.  "Now get to my room and drop 'em."  He smiled and rushed to comply knowing that I plow him best when I'm super horny.  He was very glad that he did as I did an absolutely incredible job in his hot (but not red) tail.  Unfortunately, since Mom was due home soon, he had to leave.  I then showered for I was grimy and stinky  from the short game and my enjoying Kenny.

I had just slipped on my boxers when Mom came upstairs and I called her into my room as I was dressing.  She joked that she came a couple of minutes late and I said I could restart.  We both had a good laugh as she declined.  I let her see the image in the camera.  She was horrified and wanted to see Lucy immediately.  I told her we had to talk first and she sat down.  As I dressed I explained everything, finishing up with that I had left Lucy in the corner to contemplate her misbehavior, just like Uncle Lloyd would have done.  When I had finished, she was silent for a while.  "I don't know what to say, son.  This is very unusual to say the least."

We went to Lucy.  I gave her a hankie and told her to blow her nose.  I followed that up with a wet washcloth and towel to wipe and dry her face.  It was only then that Mother called her to sit next to her on the bed.  Lucy wanted to cover up, but Mom said: "Naughty little girls like you don't have anything to hide.  Now, get over here immediately or Hank will give you another spanking."  Mother gave her a very long lecture which I could listen to without pain since it was not directed at me.  She finished up with: "We'll discuss this more after dinner when your Uncle is home."

Lucy was miserable throughout dinner.  Not only did her little roasted tail hurt but she got lectured and I was praised.  After dinner she was banished to her room and my folks had a long discussion about what to do which I did not listen to.  I was called and told to fetch Lucy to hear her new rules.  I knew that she would be put on a short leash but I was surprised that I was given the other end.  My parents had fully approved of my mature actions and decided that Lucy needed careful supervision.  Lucy begged and pleaded and bust into tears but my parents were adamant.  My parents agreed that I could spank Lucy if Uncle Lloyd would have since it was their way.

Not realizing how much work this was going to be, I was elated.  One side effect I saw immediately – if I was in charge of Lucy then I had to be able to be in charge of me and therefore, most happily, would not need a babysitter anymore.  I had been talking about that already but this would help me achieve that goal.  I decided that it would be best not to discuss this issue at this time.

Lucy did not like the first rule I put into effect.  She now had an earlier curfew and bedtime.  I ordered her to bed since it was now past that time.

Mom did some shopping the next day as I pondered rules and stuff.  Being in charge I began to realize is hard work but I was being trusted with responsibility and that was great motivation.

"Lucy," said Mother, "I've gotten some special outfits for you."  Lucy perked up until she saw them for Mom had gotten her some little girl outfits in the thrift shop.  She explained to me that they would be appropriate outfits when Lucy acted like a little girl.  I certainly could not have figured out what to buy.

Lucy screamed some very naughty non-ladylike words when she saw them and I told her that she had just a minute to get into one of the outfits or to present me with the hairbrush for such a childish outburst.  She asked me to turn around but I reminded her I had seen her without her panties so she did not have to hide her hairless crotch from me anymore.  She continued to pout but stripped off her dress and started to put on the double tank top.  Soon she was in the tight double tank top (obviously showing her flat chest), a short skirt (so if she bent over her Superwoman panties showed), knee socks and simple shoes.  Mom had gotten her two other outfits.  One was a sailor suit sort of school girls' uniform like in the Japan Manga comics and some footed, drop seat pj's.

I took Lucy into the bathroom and soaped up her washcloth.  "A little girl does not use such rude words especially to her Aunt." I said firmly.  "You are going to get your mouth washed out.  She pleaded with me and when she opened wide to add some naughty words I stuck the washcloth in.  That shut her up for when she closed her mouth a bit, the soap spread.  I spent almost ten minutes scrubbing her mouth before I left her to try to wash out the soap.  When she came downstairs, she was very subdued.

When Mom saw her, she took her long hair and put some hair bands on to make a pair of pig  tails.  "Since you act like a little girl, you will be dressed as one, Lucy." declared Mom.  I was delighted for she was making it easier for me.

It must have had some effect because Lucy asked to go to her room shortly after dinner.  When I checked on her later she was wearing her new pj's, in bed and crying.  I held her and comforted her.  She begged me to be nice to her and promised to be a good girl.  The kiddy clothes seemed to be doing wonders even in just a few hours.  In the morning, still in her drop bottom pj's she knocked on my door and then very politely asked permission to dress in her normal clothes.  I gave it but had to laugh as she left for she had missed a button on her drop bottom and her ass was showing.  It was ever so cute.  If only she was a young lady rather than a little girl we could have so much more fun.

Lucy's behavior quickly improved and she also matured some.  She did not like being spanked, getting her mouth washed out with soap and being in little girls' clothing.  Those things were somewhat under her control for they were the direct result of her own misbehavior.  She was at my mercy about not having any privacy for I closely supervised her dressing as well as totally stripping her for all spankings.  I was perhaps too aggressive about this because I knew that she was a peeper and I wanted her to experience the lack of privacy.  And, no, it was not just because I wanted to see her sex for I had already done that with my girlfriends (who were more mature).

Early in the game, she was particularly naughty so after she had done her corner time with her hot red tushie hanging out, I gave her a bath – literally.  She was in the bathtub and I washed her completely from shampooing her hair down to scrubbing her toes.  I gave her crack and sex extra attention.  I was able to complement her that her bottom hole was clean and made sure to get all the folds of her sex.  When she begged me not to do that, I told her that I had to be thorough.  She had tears in her eyes after that.  I made it very clear to her that I would treat her as a little girl as long as she acted like one as I dressed her in the footed pj's and put her to bed.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was getting near the end of Lucy's visit and that she was changed was quite evident.  She did not require nearly as much watching nor spanking as before and could even be with my girl friends for an entire day without making them unhappy.  She herself seemed to recognize that she was changing for she came to talk to me.  Lucy had several things on her mind.  She started by thanking me for my guidance and help, even including my punishments.  It was even good that I saw so much of her body because she was now more relaxed when she was with the girls in changing rooms or slumber parties.

I was pleased to hear all that and asked her if she realized that she had stopped trying to peek at me.  Lucy was embarrassed to learn that I known she had but she had stopped doing that weeks ago because she had learnt that being looked at was unpleasant.  "I'm sorry to say that I've never seen a man or even a boy naked and would like to very much.  The other kids developed earlier and did want to play those game with her and now they were past them."  It was really necessary for her to say what she really wanted and she was a bit too shy to actually say it.  "Please, Hank…" was all she could say.

It would have been cruel to refuse her and make her return home yearning.  We slowly undressed each other.  I knew her body well but she carefully examined mine especially my junk.  I sat on the bed while she had gotten comfortable kneeling on the floor between my legs to get an up close view.  Of course, I rose to the occasion which intrigued her a lot.  I had to explain a lot of stuff.  She was most interested and I encouraged my two year older cousin to taste me and then suck.  She was enthusiastic and sucked me in.  Alas, for no way had she the wonderful skill that Kenny had but I encouraged her and she tried her best.  She wanted to try more and that was so exciting that I exploded into her mouth.  Lucy was delighted with the new experience and wanted to do more.

She certainly was old enough to decide to go further but I had my concerns.  I really was not sure that it was safe since she hadn't sprouted hair yet so I wondered if the inside parts were ready.  I made a compromise and would take her like I did Kenny.  Their tails were like twins so I was sure that it would be OK.  I got her prone on the bed and gently loosened up her butt hole like I do with Kenny.  She was tighter but I knew to be patient and soon she was ready.  I easily slipped my hard shaft in and began to butt fuck her.  It was hard not to pound away like I did with Kenny but I knew I had to go slow and be gentle.  I was rewarded for she gripped me real tight and I exploded into her.  I made sure that she came by going down on her.

She was must grateful for the experience.  Incidentally, this paid off a few months later when we visited for the holidays.  She proudly showed me her newly grown bush and I was a gentleman and made a proper woman of her as she requested.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 16, 2009

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