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The following story is fiction about the relationship of two young men.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by this image by a photo story by Chirenon.  I thank him for providing the full size image.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Who Is Top Today?


The two twenty-somethings met when shoved together in the street party after the Gay Pride parade.  Even with all the tumult they recognized that special chemistry that is ever so rare that they had for each other.  It was barely an hour later that they were in Brad's bed relieving their horniness with the proverbial enthusiasm of minks.

Within a week they learnt much about each other but most importantly that they both loved power play.  After that the bedroom games exploded with variety.  They started with spanking.  Brad pretended to find fault with Seth and pulled him over his lap and began spanking him with his hand.  He quickly realized that over jeans this was not very good and stopped.  He lifted Seth up and proceeded to open and lower his jeans and his boxers.  Then he flipped Seth back over his lap and resumed the spanking.  This was much more effective and satisfying.  He watched how his handprints quickly blurred and Seth's butt turned red.  It was very exciting and he quickly pushed Seth onto the bed and yanking open his own jeans rammed into the surprised bottom for a very hot fuck.

A couple of days later it was Seth's turn to be top and he introduced rope and tied Brad's hands behind his back and took him over his lap for a spanking.  Brad let himself relax as Seth spanked him and slipped his hard cock into a most euphoric bottom.

Seth had been subletting a room from Jake and then disaster struck for Jake disappeared.  Seth learnt that Jake had been stiffing the landlord and he was out on the street.  Brad kindly offered him his extra room without a security deposit which Seth gratefully accepted for Jake had also absconded with his security deposit money.

The two had much fun for a couple of months taking turns at being top and bottom alternate days.  Then "I've been thinking" said Brad one day "that we should do things differently.  Rather than switching daily, let's do it monthly.  Then we could really get into things – body and soul."  They talked about it some and agreed although Seth had some reservations so Brad volunteered to be first.  He also wrote up an agreement which they both signed.© YLeeCoyote

Seth immediately told Brad to do all the chores while he relaxed on the couch with the idiot box.  He thought that Brad was slacking off, so he called him over, told him to strip and took him over his lap for a spanking.  "You will do as you are told, slave boy or you will be spanked." he lectured with a spank between each word.

"Yes, Master." replied Brad when he was finished and returned to the chores.  Later, they had a great fuck session before cuddling up for the night.

This went on for several days and then the next morning Brad said: "OK.  Today is the full moon and it's time to switch."  Seth agreed as that was the Contract with a cheerful "Yes, Master."  Brad took it easy for a day then surprised Seth by tying him down on the bed spread-eagle.  It was easy to do for he just ordered his slave boy to get into position and tied the ropes about his wrists and ankles securing him.  "Boy, you are far too hairy for a slave.  I will correct that now." and turned on the clippers.  As he approached, Seth, the restrained boy started to object.

"SILENCE SLAVE!  You are mine for a month." commanded Brad as he proceeded to clip his totally restrained slave.  He was not content with just clipping him but then lathered him up and used a safety razor on his chest and crotch so that he was baby smooth.

"You are absolutely forbidden to play with yourself, Slave." Brad declared grinning at the surprised Seth.  "I know that will be very difficult, so I'm putting this 'helpful device' on you so that you can comply with my orders easily."  That helpful device was a cock cage.  The loud snap of the lock to hold the cage in place provided extremely emphatic punctuation to the words.

Truth be told, this was very overwhelming to the restrained Seth who was profoundly aroused by the extreme power play.  This had gone further than he had ever been and he certainly loved it.  Brad unbound his slave and took him over his lap for a long, erotic spanking.  Mixed in with the spanks he also paid great attention to the bottom hole with his well-lubricated fingers.  Seth was feeling extreme pleasure which reached an explosive climax when Brad's long fucking caused him to orgasm even though his cock not only had not been touched but was caged.  Brad was also delighted that Seth was accepting his role ever so well.  The pair slept well that night as Brad kept his slave in a tight embrace.

In the morning they both agreed that it had been a great experience and looked forward to more.  Seth was totally unaware of Brad's long term plans (or as some would say, plot).

Over the next four weeks, both young men slipped deeper into their roles.  Seth was particularly surprised that he had achieved almost a month of being caged yet had many orgasms and even some ejaculations.  Even the trivial non-sexual orders, such as getting Brad a drink or removing his shoes, soon because an essential part of the power exchange for both of them.

Then Brad needed to go out of town for a couple of days for a business conference.  Before leaving he treated Seth to an intense session where he pretended to have found fault with his slave who thus required a hard spanking.  Of course, as per his nefarious plan, he made it an erotic spanking with a lot of asshole play as well as many hand spanks.  He was delighted that this drove Seth to have an orgasm which reinforced his position as a bottom/slave.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Brad returned the two were very happy to see each other.  Out of habit, Seth was naked except for his one locked on 'garment' – the cock cage.  "Brad," he said, "I did not think I could last a whole month with this thing locked on me.  I hope you can do as well when we switch so please get the key."

"Quiet, slave.  You have just earned yourself a strapping.  It is your position to OBEY MY ORDERS!  You are NOT to make demands."

"But, Brad, we agreed to a month and…."

"Our agreement says we change on the full moon.  That was just a couple of days ago.  You have almost four weeks left in your turn as the slave.  Now behave yourself, slave."

"But you were away…." but he was cut off with a hard slap.

"That's it, slave.  Get the strap."  Seth stood still in amazement.  "NOW!  Slave, or it will be worse for you.  Your place is to follow my orders – not make demands."  Brad punctuated his order with a hard SPANK on Seth's butt.

Suddenly Seth knew he had misbehaved and had displeased his master.  In the two days he had gotten out of the mind set to be obedient but Brad's extreme forcefulness pushed him back into his slave mentality.  Suddenly he felt great remorse and guilt for his presumption.  He rushed to get the short leather paddle they called the strap and returned quickly.  "Here, Master.  I regret my terrible behavior." and bent over in the appointed spot for his punishment.  "Please punish me, Master."

Brad did not make him wait but immediately started to use the stiff, hard leather paddle on the proffered ass.  This time it was a punishment spanking rather than an erotic one so he swung the paddle with great vigor many times turning Seth's butt into a raging pain center which radiated like a nova as it turned crimson.

Brad was extremely pleased when Seth broke down and begged for forgiveness which was given seemingly reluctantly.  Brad was pleased that his plan was working.  He was certain that everyday Seth would become more and more subservient.  He made sure to reward Seth's submission with pleasure in bed that night.

When Seth complained the next day about how sore his bottom was, Brad insisted that it was his own fault for being a naughty and rebellious.  "Be a good boy; an obedient boy and you will not have a sore rear end." he said.  "Understand?"

"Yes, Master. I'll will Master." Seth replied.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was on the next full moon that there was a major change.  Seth said it was time for a switch.  Brad noted that it was the third month and therefore his turn.  Seth insisted.  Brad got their Contract from the drawer and asked: "You want out, boy?"


"Fine." replied Brad and he dramatically tore up the Contract.  Then he removed the lock and summarily dismissed Seth "You are free and we are finished.  Go to your room."

Seth did not have a choice and went to his room.  He removed the now unlocked cage and tossed it into a drawer.  He thought that it was good to be free again.  A couple of hours after lights out he realized that he missed interacting with Brad in bed.

A couple of evenings later, they both went out cruising (separately).  Much to his dismay, Seth found that he was comparing each potential trick to Brad and found them wanting so he returned home alone.  Alone in bed he heard Brad spanking someone else and cries of "Yes, Master."  And he heard sound of hard fucking.  He jerked off to both as he imagined he was participating in the fun.

After a few tries, he did meet Ralph who was looking for a top.  "Exactly what the doctor ordered." thought Seth as they went home.  It did not take long for Seth to strip Ralph and haul him over his lap for a good spanking.  Unfortunately, Seth forgot to consider Ralph's feelings and just spanked away like he was swinging a sledgehammer to drive a stake into the ground.  Ralph's butt turned red and was sore but he quickly stopped the action.  Seth tried to be more considerate but was distracted by his feelings toward Brad so remained a klutz and then stripped in preparation for some hard fucking.

Ralph was disappointed and attempted to salvage the evening by taking control of the incompetent top.  A couple of well-placed yanks got Seth laying over the end of the bed and Ralph quickly placed few well-aimed cuts of his belt across the upturned ass producing several nice red stripes.  Seth's cries of "I'm sorry Master." and "I'll be a good boy, Master." convinced Ralph that Seth was really a bottom and not a top as he claimed.  Since he was a switch, he decided to continue in control.

Ralph sat on the bed and tugged at Seth so as to glide his head to his rampant cock that was anxious for attention.  Seth, better trained than he suspected by Brad, immediately engulfed the hard shaft and began to suck it thoroughly much to Ralph's surprised delight.  He let himself enjoy how Seth was a good bottom.

Being a considerate top and a safe one, he got a nice lubricated condom out and rolled it on while he got Seth lying on his bed.  Because he was annoyed at the previous deceit he mounted Seth with little preparation feeling that he deserved to be punished some.  That it was punishment was debatable since Seth was enjoying the fuck as much as Ralph was.  What totally proved to Ralph that Seth was a bottom was that he ejaculated just from the rough fuck.  Ralph redressed and went home glad he was a switch for Seth was a disaster as a top.

Seth experienced a couple more disasters when he did manage to trick and even felt bad when he did.  After a few weeks, he realized that he was perpetually horny although not caged and totally free.  Desperate, he asked Brad to have sex.  He was crushed when Brad declined, reminding him that he wanted out just a few weeks before.  Dejected he slunk back to his room.  He even cried when he heard Brad with someone else.

* * * * * * * * * *

A while later he dug the cage out of his drawer and slipped it on his cock.  Not having a lock, he just put a paper clip through the locking hole.  He did not understand why, but he felt better.  Seeing himself in the mirror he saw that he looked silly for his pubes had regrown.  He removed the cage, shaved and put it back on.  His gut told him that it was the right thing to do.  A couple of days later, he still felt that way but it was clearer what was missing – Brad's lock and, of course, all that implied about who was in charge.

"Please, Master, take me back." he begged Brad the next day while naked.  Brad looked him over from head to toe noting the one thing he was wearing.

"Will you obey my every order, boy?"

"Oh, yes, Master."

"Will you bitch about things, boy?"

"No, Master."

"What are you, boy?"

"Your slave boy, Master."

Brad pretended to consider for a while being careful not to smirk.  He then got the lock and snapped it closed with a very satisfying snap.  "It's past your bedtime, Slave." he said.

"Yes, Master." replied Seth as he happily scampered off to bed – Brad's bed.  Already the world seemed better as he waited for his Master.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 8, 2016

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