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The following story is fiction about a non-school caning.  The story contains a scene of a caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story was inspired by the contrast of a uniformed school boy in an adult band found unattributed on the web.  The uniform suggests a UK location although that is not certain in which case it is not a brass band.   Click to open the image off-site.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Wind Band Swishing


Reginald was only sixteen but he was already a master of the double French horn.  It was no surprise that he was the ace of the school band.  That was even clear to everyone who heard the band play even non-musicians.  He was invited to join the Town Wind Band by the director. The initial couple of rehearsals were not as nice as shown in the image.

Reginald showed up for his initial rehearsal with the adult band early and got harassed by a couple of members in their twenties who were also early.  Nothing untoward really happened except the lie that the player called out most by the director during the rehearsal would suffer six of the best on the bare.  This was accompanied by Robby slashing the air with a cane as he stood by the podium.

Eddy and Robby seemed to feel that they were pledge masters in a fraternity and entitled to haze the newest young musician.  Not only was Reginald still in school but he was in was his school uniform of a gray dress shirt, burgundy tie and very short and tight grey school shorts.  All this nonsense stopped when the other and more mature musicians appeared.

After the rehearsal, the Director wanted to talk with Reginald so that he did not get to learn that the caning threat was just a hoax.  It was at the next rehearsal that things came to a head because of a combination of things.  First, it was getting close to the public performance and, second, the Director had to rush away after the rehearsal was over.

The stats were very interesting.  There were about twenty call outs of which Eddy accounted for more than half and Robby a quarter while no one else had gotten more than one.  Reginald was called out once, however, but it was with praise for his excellent execution of a difficult passage.  When Reginald brought up the caning as the players were packing up their instruments Eddy insisted that it all had been a joke.  “Adults don’t get caned like school boys do.” he stammered.© YLeeCoyote

Little did Eddy along with his buddy Robby realize how much they had antagonized the other band members.  Nelson quickly moved and reached into Eddy’s instrument bag and grabbed something.  “So if it is just a joke why are you carrying this SCHOOL CANE about, boy?”

Eddy was silent.  A couple of the others pushed and one finally said what they were all thinking.  “You thought that young Reginald here – who played beautifully would mess up and you could beat him.”  Again Eddy was silent.

“But you, Eddy, made the most errors, several multiple times.  It is you who should be caned.” said one of the other men.  There was general agreement.  Eddy tried to depart but found that his way was blocked although Robby wisely had made a very quick exit.

“Bend over the table Eddy.” was the cry.  Many hands helped Eddy get there.  Just as he was about to bend over, one gentleman yanked his trousers down.  Eddy yelled.

That was probably a mistake as another then yanked his pants down leaving him bare arsed.  There were many willing hands holding him in position.

Reginald’s elation at all this suddenly got a big jolt when he was handed the cane.  “You do the honours, Reginald.  It was you that he was after.”

Even amazed Reginald could not help but to test the cane by bending it into a semicircle and the swishing the air a few times before he got down to business.  Even the fact that he never had swung a cane did not deter the youth.  He quickly located a good position and raised the cane to strike.

The crack it made hitting his harasser was satisfying but not as much as the tram track that was forming.  That was plenty of motivation for him to repeat the cut and make a second track.  Reginald also found that his short trousers were growing smaller.

Reginald continued swishing Eddy.  This was ever so much fun he thought (and different from in school) as he raised and lowered the cane several times with predictable results.  Each cut caused another track on the target, a corresponding yelp of pain and incidentally apparent shrinkage of his own shorts.

“Eddy you better practice a lot more if you don’t want this to happen again.” Reginald suggested with a smile.  Several players offered Reginald a ride home.  It was only when he was home that he realized that he still was carrying the cane.

He wondered if, er, when he might get to use it again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 12, 2021

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