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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of a sibling caning.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Need I tell you that you should read Part 1 first.  Click to open the images off-site.

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Window Box Boy – (2/2)


In the morning after Christopher caned Orlando they both went off to school.  Super politely Orland asked Christopher not to tell what happened but to say that father did it.  The younger brother knew that if he told, his brother would kill him or, at the very least do something quite nasty so he agreed.  It might not be the best thing to be common knowledge and it could be a useful item in the future.  After all, knowledge is power.

Orlando knew that his new marks would be the subject of inspection in his third period PE class.  He had swimming instruction for this week so there was absolutely no way to hide his arse.  Even racing briefs were prohibited.  The gate on his behind would be seen by one and all in his class.  It was not the first time that would happen nor the last and he would explain that his father was very angry.

Of course, that would come later after the first inspections.  Once someone noticed that it was a full and perfect gate more and probing questions were asked.  Orlando lied and claimed that it was his father but one of the guys (not a friend) openly questioned that.  It was when they were heading for their next class that Peter, his best friend, told him: "Everyone knows you're lying, mate."  Even privately, Orlando would not tell Peter the truth.

By the next day, the entire school knew that Orlando had gotten it wickedly good and there was something he was not telling.  But like most things in adolescent life, new and more important things quickly displaced it from the group's consciousness.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

It was some two months later when Christopher's mother summoned him.  She had a commission for him to do immediately.  He was to take the cane and this note to Mrs. Stallsmith.  She was the mother of his friend, Charles, and Orlando's friend, Philip.  He was to assist her as she requested.

At the Stallsmith's he found Orlando and Philip standing facing the wall.  Charles and his other brother, Edward, were watching but apparently not in trouble.  Charles easily clued Christopher in on the details.  Mrs. Stallsmith was quite outraged at what the two miscreants had done and had lectured them for some time.  When Christopher arrived, she ordered the youths to turn and face her and she resumed her lecturing.  Eventually, she got to the interesting part.  "Philip, you shall have six-of-the-best from young Christopher.  His mother assures me his father said he does a very expert job."  Philip could not believe his ears.  Until; until he remembered that little detail that Orlando had refused to tell a few weeks back.  How could that be though?  Charles, Christopher and Edward  (in the lower sixth) were smiling broadly at this pronouncements.

Orlando was scared also as his crime was the identical one and he had already felt the harsh bite of his younger brother's cane and did not want it again.  He hoped that he would be spared until he got home but his heart sank when Mrs. Stallsmith handed notes to both him and his cane bearing little brother.  "You are to receive the same punishment as Philip.  Ask your brother to please cane you after he does Philip."

Orlando turned pale.  He knew how very hard his little brother caned and yet there was not any way out.  His father has promised severe consequences if he refused to cooperate.  In a weak voice, he managed to say what was required.  "Christopher, please cane me after you cane Philip."

"Of course, brother, if you wish.  I'm pleased to assist you."  The note he got authorised such an act.

"Six-of-the-best, Mrs. Stallsmith?" asked Christopher politely not daring to suggest more.

She hesitated a moment and said: "I think eight this time."

"Strip and get into position, please, gentlemen."  he ordered authoritatively.  It was with a gleeful pleasure that the two first-formers watched their older, fourth form brothers obey.

Philip yelped on the first cut which was across the top of his bottom.  Unknown to any of the participants of this drama, the yelp was heard by two others.  George and Henry, friends of the two older boys had come around to hang out with Philip.  They looked at each other and then into the well lit front room through the partly open window.  They were amazed at what they saw.  Their two mates, naked and bent over, while young Christopher was swinging a cane.  In the dark of the porch, they watched unobserved as Christopher gave Philip cut after cut – each leaving a vivid track and provoking a babyish yell.  Philip jumped out of position on the seventh cut which was in the crease.

"Back into position, boy." snapped Christopher, "That one does not count."  He repeated the cut an inch lower. He quickly followed it with a diagonal to form a gate.  He thought that looked so brilliantly neat; like tally marks.

Outside, the two surreptitious watchers were amazed and fascinated.  They could not keep from watching as the entire scene was repeated with Orlando providing the target bottom.  They two realized that it must have been Christopher who caned their mate a couple of months ago.  No wonder he did want to tell about it.  Christopher was about to commence caning Orlando when Mr. Stallsmith started up the walkway.  He noticed the two loitering on his porch and peering into his window; he wondered why.  He grabbed the two.

The instant he addressed them by name, they knew they could not flee and docilely following the man into his house.  The activity inside was stopped when they came in.  It was clear that his older son been caned and Orlando was just about to get it.  He was surprised to see that young Chris was holding the cane.  It was quite obvious why George and Henry were peeping Toms.  He told Christopher to hold off caning Orlando. After inspecting the freshly grilled bottom of his own son, he knew what the proper punishment for the other two was.  Since they were so interested in the procedure, they should experience it themselves.  Mrs. Stallsmith made a couple of phone calls.  Neither George and Henry were happy with the outcomes.  The parents quickly agreed about the punishment.  Each peeper was, in turn, handed the phone and was told by an outraged parent to accept three cuts there or expect something worse at home.

Soon two more sixteen-year-olds were naked.  They bent over and Christopher's cane did its job.  With only three cuts each, he pretended he was Zorro and made his mark with a flourish.  They were permitted to watch Orlando get his due although their enthusiasm for the event was much diminished.  Orlando got exactly the same as Philip but without the extra for jumping.  He managed to take it silently also.

The Stallsmiths thanked young Christopher for his help and sent three caned teens home and the fourth to his room.  The four of them quickly dressed and left.  Chris visited with his mate Charles who wanted to learn about how he came to be a caner – especially of his brother.

Their school was abuzz the next morning even before the fourth form's PE.  The four of them had a band worth of siblings and several of them spoke about the caning session.  In PE the talk was seen to have a good foundation.

There was no denying it this time.  Everyone soon knew that Christopher was the master caner.  The older forms guys were not happy about that.  They liked lording over the younger lads and here was clear evidence that a mere first former had punished not only his older brother but three of his mates in the fourth form.  Worse, there did not seem to be anything that could be done.

* * * * * * * * * *

The following week was the PA social for parents to get to know each other.  Christopher's mother was chatting with several others when Mrs. Stallsmith expressed her thanks for the help with caning Philip.  He is much better behaved now that he knows the new price scale – cane cuts.  The other ladies wanted to know more and soon half the mothers knew about Christopher and his talent with the cane.  All the fathers of the caned lads, had reported that Christopher was a most proficient caner.  The word spread rapidly.

It was about a week later, that the first phone call came.  The woman asked to borrow the 'caning boy'.  Christopher made another house call.  The older lad, Percy, was a tough character and would not cooperate and take his caning like youth should.  His father had to manhandle him first.  Christopher had the pleasure of watching the man take physical control of his seventeen-year-old son.  The youth fought quite well, but his father was much stronger.  When he got control, he yanked down the youth's trousers and pants prior to pulling him over his lap.  Although he struggled mightily, once his legs were pinned by his father's he had no chance of escaping.  His resistance earned him a hard spanking.  The father was a construction worker and thus was strong and had tough calloused hands.  Christopher was quite astonished at how effective a dozen SPANKS were.  The youth succumbed for he was yelling as his bottom turned red.

The now subdued youth listened to his father's angry lecture with a teary face.  "You were going to get six but now you will get nine."  Horror covered Percy's face as he bent over on command.  Christopher was surprised by the youth's cowardly behaviour and decided that he should hit extra hard.  Christopher got into position and delivered the first six in neat order down the target bottom with the sixth in the crease.  Percy yelled for the last two.  Then he delivered two diagonal cuts across the six making a double diagonal gate.  Then, with just a bit of malice, he placed the ninth on top of the sixth on the crease.  The effect was most dramatic, for Percy howled and jumped.  Christopher smiled.  Percy's father promised him a repeat if he did not change his ways.  The crying youth promised to be good.

Then there was Percy's brother.  The boy was shaking as he waited and watched.  "Please, father…." was all he could say.

Christopher knew he could not take what his big brother had.  He hoped that the father would realize it also.

The father pronounced the boy's sentence.  "Four cuts for this one, please."

With fear filled eyes, the boy dropped his trousers and pants and bent over.  The target was so small compared to the previous one and so much more tender.  Christopher wished he did not have to do this but surely the father could hurt the boy with a hard spanking.  It was harder than he expected to not hit as hard as usual but he put four straight tracks across the boy's bottom.

"Next time it will be six, boy.  Now go to your room." stated the father coldly.  The boy ran out.  Christopher returned home, contemplating.

* * * * * * * * * *

Within the month Christopher complained that caning was taking up too much of his time.  He had his own schoolwork and other things to do.

They solved the problem by having a caning hour three times a week for Christopher enjoyed doing it ever so much.  It had become a hobby.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 31, 2006

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