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The following story is fiction about a collage freshman still subjected to spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is third part of a series.  It is best to start with part 1.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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My Kid Brother Rules
Winter Break


The term was over and I was back home for the two-week winter break.  Time to be with my buddies and with my girl.  Time for home cooking and freedom from tests.  Of course, I still had to think about school for there was lots and lots of reading to do but compared to the last month, it was a breeze.

Best of all, my butt was safe provided that I behaved properly.  Well, safe after my first term grades were paid for.  My kid brother, Bart, is strict to a fault.  I actually did pretty well with three A's (one even an A+), a B+ and a B-.  My olds were actually pleased and I was pretty high up in my class standing.  Bart, however, was not satisfied.  He felt that I should have done better and gotten straight A's – in all five of my courses.

We had a discussion.  I did not get to do much talking actually while he reminded me of our Labor Day talk.  He said he would have let me get away with a mere four A's and a B+ but I missed the mark so my butt was going to pay.  I even argued that I had paid the penalty during the term for low grades and this was double jeopardy.  That did not fly at all.

"Go get the paddle or the strap – your choice, Tony." he ordered.  I was not sure which would be worse but I fetched the paddle and gave it to him.  Then in the privacy of my bedroom, he had me strip and assume the position.  Then he raised and swung that heavy paddle at my butt.  It made a resounding WHACK and I felt that my head would pop off from the blow.

"Only A's are acceptable grades." he said.© YLeeCoyote

"One, Sir." I counted.  The process was repeated until I said "Ten, Sir." and my butt was aflame and throbbing with pain and «only A's are acceptable» circulating in my head.  I slept on my tummy once again.

That paddling was a harsh one and I was still quite tender when I had my date with Myra the next day.  Unfortunately she noticed how I was careful about sitting.  I had to tell her that I did not meet expectations and had been paddled for an unacceptable B grade.  She thought that was very demanding but I managed not to tell her that it was Bart rather than my parents who decided.

When I got her home, she was very solicitous and insisted on giving my butt some TLC.  She got some skin cream and was adamant about taking my pants and undies down and then getting over her lap.  "Stop worrying, Tony.  I'm not going to spank you now and I've seen your stuff already.  This cream will make you feel better."

What could I do but to follow her directions?  I could only hope that she would turn her attention to my junk after treating my ass.  I must admit that I loved how she gently rubbed the cream onto my sore tail and that it really felt good.  She was very solicitous about how sore I was and wanted to know if it was my mom or dad who had paddled me so hard.  I was trapped!  I was feeling like a naughty little boy in spanking position and thus could not lie.  I blurted out: "It was Bart."

There was silence immediately as she absorbed this important fact and as I realized what I had told her.  She immediately insisted on my explaining how this happened and threatened to spank me if I did not reveal all.  I had to tell her how Bart had caught me and blackmailed me into letting him spank me or telling Mom who would do it a lot harder.  Unfortunately, Mom caught us and approved.  "She approved so much that her second son was so mature and responsible that she made it official.  Now I'm stuck with him in charge." I finished up.

Myra got me up and pulled up my pants noting that I was not hurting too much to be excited.  Unfortunately, that all we did before I had to leave because of my curfew.

A couple of days later, I had to pay for the second B.  Bart sent me for the strap saying we did the paddle the first time.  He kept the lecture short and swung the strap hard once I had bent over with my ass bared.  It hurt just as much as the paddling a couple of days earlier.

* * * * * * * * * *

One thing that the folks did for Bart and I was to hire a tutor.  It was not that we were failing anything but to give us someone to assure we did the very best we could through high school.  Our tutor was Simon who was a graduate student working on his doctorate.  He came once a week and made sure we were on track in all our technical subjects and answered all our questions.

Over the years we had learnt stuff about Simon's personal life.  Probably the two most important points were that his wife was very much in charge and he had a submissive personality.

This particular evening did not start well.  Simon had texted that his train had slowed to a crawl and that he was going to be late.  He could not even give a reliable ETA.  Bart did not like this at all but accepted that it was beyond Simon's control.

But Simon had other issues this evening.  He had not turned off his phone and got both calls and text while 'in session'.  Bart insisted that 'no phone' was the rule (just like in school) and applied to the instructors just like to the students.  Bart is definitely an alpha-male and reacted quickly.  Simon protested, albeit weakly, that he had only failed to turn off the phone and had not used it to call or text or interact with anyone else.

"Well, turn it off now, Simon." Bart snapped.  Then my jaw dropped for he ordered Simon to remove his pants and underpants and get over his lap.

There were some "But, but, but." however Simon did as he was ordered and was soon over Bart's lap like I had been several times.  Bart is an enthusiastic spanker and started in right away.  He is also quite strong and spanks very hard.  The spanks were loud indicating that they were hard.  There were a lot of them and Simon was complaining loudly.  Soon he stopped complaining and started to sob.  I saw that his butt was bright red.  After a bit, Bart stopped spanking and had Simon get up.

"OK, let's get back to work." commanded Bart.  Simon took his seat with his pants still off for the rest of the session when Simon was allowed to redress after which he gave him his fee.

Later Bart told me that Simon that previously he had been late without notice and he had not tolerated that.  He spanked him just like he had this evening.  Yes; spanked him even though he was a decade older.  My kid brother is quite the spanker.

I have to confess something to you.  I told Myra that I was stuck with Bart being in charge.  Well, that is not really accurate.  I'm certainly too old to get spanked by my mom OTK with my pants down so it is better that Bart does it.  Although he is super strict he is consistent and never surprises me with a change of rules like mom sometime did because of her temper.  In all honesty, I have mixed feeling because he is my younger, rather than an older, brother but he is more mature.  However, in the end I am sure his powerful spankings will keep me on track and that is a GOOD THING.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 19, 2016

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