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The following story is fiction about spanking a youth.  The story contains scenes of spanking in a femdom setting.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The drawing shown at the end I found unattributed on the web copied from a deleted blog.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Wishes Become Reality


It was not a school day and sixteen-year-old Tanner was supposed to be doing school work when he was left home alone.  His father was at work and not due back until the evening while his mother headed for the big regional shopping mall an hour away for some serious consumerism and would not return until late in the afternoon.

Tanner saw this as the perfect time to safely indulge his fantasies in a big way.  He connected his laptop to the large screen TV in the family room to use as a monitor and stripped down to enjoy his favorites from his library of ‘sex-education’ videos bigger than life in vibrant color.  Tanner had carefully prepared to enjoy the next few hours with some lube, a towel and a flip-flop in addition to basics such as sodas and chips to maintain his body.  He had even prudently and carefully set alarms in his phone and computer to assure that he would not be caught by playing too long.

His plan was excellent and if not for an escaped convict would have been fine.  The escapee had been spotted by the state police and they gave chase.  It was a very high speed chase and a couple of eighteen wheelers jackknifed blocking the interstate when they were cutoff and emergency braked.  Then things got worse when a tanker hit a bridge abutment, overturned and caught fire.

By the time the news station reported that the highway would be closed for hours Tanner’s mother was trapped in the massive traffic jam.  Eventually she reached an off ramp where she immediately exited and headed back home.  When she entered the house, she was surprised to hear the noise from the family room.  She was shocked when she saw what was happening.

She knew that adolescent boys (just like older men) loved porn.  She did not, however, expect to see an attractive woman spanking a man with a hairbrush on the screen nor her naked son on his knees watching while hitting his own behind with a flip-flop saying “Sorry, Ma’am.” and “I’ll be good, Ma’am.” to the screen image.© YLeeCoyote

She knew she needed to process all this so she just withdrew and took some time to compose herself and decide what to do and what to say to her son.

That clip soon ended and she waited to see what was next to learn what he was interested for, after all, “One robin does not make spring.”  This is what she heard and saw.

“We are here in Ms. Scrimshaw’s classroom in Central High School.  She is best known for being strict and not tolerating any nonsense from the pupils in her class.  Nevertheless, today Blackner and Mantlow are acting up.”

“Leave me alone Blackner.  Ms. Scrimshaw is coming.” snarled Mantlow realizing the danger.  Just then she did come in catching Blackner misbehaving.

“Front of the class Blackner.  Immediately!” she commanded.  A deadly silence resulted and Blackner turned pale.  Mantlow looked relieved and perhaps even smug.  By the time Blackner reached the front, Ms. Scrimshaw had moved her chair and had sat down.  Grabbing the errant boy she swiftly open his jeans and yanked them and his boxers down in front of the coed class.  It seemed faster than instantaneous that he was over her lap and getting spanked.  She did not need a paddle for her forceful spanks soon broke the boy.  Once he was bawling she got him in the corner with his hot glowing red butt facing the class.

Tanner was vigorously jerking off to this scene even smacking his own bottom with his hand.  “I wish that was I and Mrs. Thomson.” he said aloud to himself with a sigh.  There were a couple of more females spanking males videos but none that cased Tanner to react so much and Tanner’s mother quickly formulated a plan.  She even went back to her car where she could call Mrs. Thomson, who she knew from the Women’s Club, and discuss her son’s needs and wishes without her son hearing.  That conversation proved to be far more productive than she expected.

* * * * * * * * * *

She returning to the house and Tanner was suddenly confronted by his mother who did not seem upset.  He was confused and intimidated by the discussion especially as she refused to let him get dressed.  Mom did not want to jump to any conclusions so she carefully questioned her son to obtain all the facts.  All his favs were f/m although the age range was wide.  Just because she was a female and he was still partly in his fantasy world, his mom’s questioning elicited truthful answers.

She decided that it was now time for her son to be spanked although he hadn’t ever been so she sent Mrs. Thomson a text message to set their plan into action.  “Tanner you have been naughty and you shall be spanked as punishment.  Not because of watching the videos but for not doing your school work as you should have been.  You are to wait in the corner and think about things until your spanker arrives in a few minutes.”

“Yes, Mother.” the confused boy said and found the corner.  Little did he know that his mother was delighted to learn he seemed to be a submale and she was going to encourage those leanings.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Tanner was called from the corner he was surprised to see that his teacher, Mrs. Thomson, was there.  Somehow that made him more aware of his nakedness and he covered his junk with his hands.  There was an immediate sharp rebuke from Mrs. Thomson to put his hands behind his back for males must never cover up.

“Tanner, I asked Mrs. Thomson to assist me with your punishment and she has graciously agreed to spank you as much as you need.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“You have been a very naughty boy, haven’t you, Tanner?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“I think you want to ask Mrs. Thomson something.”

“Yes, Mother.”  Then he hesitated.  It was a very difficult thing to say but he knew he must.  “Mrs. Thomson, I have been a naughty boy.  Would you please spank me as I surely deserve?” just as he had fantasied for a long time.

“Yes, boy. Now get over my lap.”  Tanner was terribly confused.  He wanted to flee yet he desperately knew he needed to be spanked.  He slowly got into position over Mrs. Thomson’s lap.  She quickly locked him into place with one leg over his and forcing a wrist up to his neck.  It was both a comforting and horrifying position.

Then came the first spank.  He gave a yell.  Then many more spanks provoking various reactions.  It was not quite the same as he had fantasized about because of the pain.  Of course, there was pain for spankings were supposed to hurt.  Along with the spanking came a lecture commanding the boy to be good.  Additionally, she added that “Next time Ms. Miranda will be here to watch you get spanked.  Since you will surely masturbate about all this you will also think about being over her lap.  Your classmate is an experienced spanker of naughty boys and she will most certainly also be spanking you.”

Mrs. Thomson finished the spanking up with a few good spanks with her hairbrush to be certain that she made a memorable impression and sent the boy back to the corner.  She also quickly browsed the folder containing the videos and then password protected it.

Mom then told Tanner to get back to his room and get to his school work which he quickly did.  Mrs. Thomson explained to Tanner’s mom that Miranda, a classmate of her son, had a reputation of spanking her babysitting charges.  “I’ve already discreetly spoken to her about dealing with a big boy and she was very interested.  Also, it is important that Tanner gets used to submitting to girls his age as well as us older women.”

Mom wondered how her submale husband would take the news that their son took after him in that regard also.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tanner was one very confused boy as he lay in his bed with his mind spinning as he tried to work things out before sleep overtook him.  His bottom really hurt from the first real spanking he had and his cock was super hard, naturally, but it was all the images in his head that were both confusing and exciting.  Many were brief vignettes where a woman was scolding him for something and then spanked him over her lap.

Additionally, in many of them his mother was watching and when he pleaded for help she said “Spank him harder for he has been a very naughty boy.”  Whenever he was almost ready to cum, frustratingly he thought of his mother yelling at him to do as you were told and another vignette started.

After many cycles there was a change for the new female was not a woman either from any of his video collection or even from real life but a girl.  “No, I must be respectful he thought, not a girl but a young lady.”  She was the exact same young lady that Mrs. Thomson promised would become his spanker – Ms. Miranda – who was in his class.  In his not yet asleep dream he was transfixed.  Ms. Miranda snapped her fingers and patted her lap.

Tanner wanted to flee but he was compelled to obey.  He took the few steps to the young mistress and lay over her lap.  She locked him in place just like Mrs. Thomson had a few hours before.  Her spanks were hard, effective and painful.  Then he exploded and immediately crashed into the abyss of sleep.

But sleep provided no relief from the intense fantasies he was having.  Over and over women, young ladies and even girls were spanking him hard and erotically and with orders to obey.  When he awoke he was sweating but did not remember any of the details his dreams except that he was spanked repeatedly by powerful women.  He did vividly recall why his ass was sore.

Yet there was one image that he had seen on the web sometime when he was surfing.  Now it was foremost in his mind and made him think of Ms. Miranda as a girl teaching her boyfriend when they were half their ages.  He sensed that he would soon be in that state.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 15, 2022

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