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The following story is fiction about a youth’s wish coming true – well almost.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Wishing Is Dangerous


I’ve been using the internet for almost half my life but I was restricted by programs installed by my parents to protect me from adult stuff.  Then my friend Mike who is a computer wiz showed me how to surf freely.  That was just after I turned thirteen.  Now a half year later, my world has expanded a lot.  Sure I looked at porn and jerked off watching but I soon found that stories were more exciting for the words let me create exciting fantastic images in my head.

One of the important things that I learnt was vocabulary.  I soon realized that I was not one of those dominant alpha guys who took charge and was the leader.  I was not sure if I was a mere omega or just a regular follower.  It was also a surprise that I found that the most exciting stories were those where a dude’s kid sister took charge and even spanked him especially bare assed.  I certainly did not understand why nor the femdom aspects but reading those got me the hardest and were absolutely the best jerk off scenes.

There was much that I did not understand but I was just thirteen although my cock understood a lot.  Whether or not any of that did me any harm, I can’t say but my jerk off fantasies grew more specific.  The generic girl was graduately replaced by Tisha – my real life kid sister who is a couple of years younger than I.

When in my fantasy Tisha yelled at me: “Tommy, you have been a very naughty boy and must be punished.”  I got rock hard instantly and often made a mess.  But that was not the end of it for my fantasy sister would go on and say “You are to get a good hard spanking.  Come here naughty boy.”

Somehow I was compelled to obey her.  I would be standing front of her and she would take down my pants and underpants getting a full close up view of my junk which was most embarrassing.  After some lecturing she would pull me over her lap for a hard and painful spanking.  She would start with her hand and boast that she could see her hand prints as my bottom turned red.  At some point she would take up a hairbrush and really wallop my rear end and even make me cry like a little boy.  That would cause me to climax again much to her disgust and renewed spanking effort.  Then I would be disdainfully dismissed.© YLeeCoyote

I even wrote some far more detailed versions of the above and put them into the folder with the stories I downloaded to be able read and reread easily.  I even improved them by personalizing the names and ages.  That folder would be my downfall and that taught me the wisdom in the old saying about being careful what you wish for.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was the black sheep so to speak for I was the naughty one and my parents would have cause to yell and more at me for my misbehavior.  Both Hayden, my year and a half younger brother, and Tisha were well behaved.  With Tisha almost the magic age for not requiring a babysitter according to the state and being very mature I was put in charge when our parents were out avoiding a babysitter.

I attempted to get my sister to take charge and actually spank me by misbehaving when our parents were out.  Both my siblings scolded me, albeit gently, that I should behave properly so that our parents wouldn’t get a babysitter for us.  What I fervently wished for was for Tisha to do a lot more than gently scold me but actually yell at me and pull me over her lap and spank me good and hard.  Alas, she never showed any interest in doing that.  She was not a bit like those aggressive little mothers’ helpers in the stories who relished spanking their naughty big brothers like the little boys they babysat.

It was, in a word, frustrating.

Hayden turned out to be a different matter and surprised me.  Over many years I had gotten used to him looking up at me – his big brother – as a hero.  That changed as he began puberty and saw me as a rival to be competed with rather than worshiped although I did not see that except in retrospect.  He was very concerned that my poor conduct would lead to our parents getting a babysitter for us once again.

Since we shared a room, he was able to closely watch me although I did not notice.  He watched me login to my computer many times and even learnt my password.  With that great word, he could easily snoop in my computer and learn what I was doing.  Hayden certainly found my Red-Hot-Stories folder.  That probably was not a good name for something I wanted to keep private.

Obviously, he learnt what I was wishing although he could not be the dominating younger sister.  What he could and did do was to team up with her as I found out later.

* * * * * * * * * *

They sprung their plan on me one after I did one of my usual bits of naughtiness when I was in charge.  I was actually surprised when Tisha yelled at me: “Tommy, I’ve had enough of your stupid naughtiness.  Today you going to get that spanking you have truly earned.”  I was shocked.  I no longer expected this to happen.  I stood there like a fool with my mouth agape as I was drawn into my fantasy world.

“Tommy get your hands on your head, instantly.” barked Hayden.  I was shocked.  This was not according to my plan.  But Tisha acted.  First she repeated the order and then she quickly opened and pulled my belt from my jeans.  Just as quickly, she opened my jeans and yanked them down to my ankles.  I was still too surprised to react.

I quickly fell into my fantasy world as Tisha yanked my underpants down to join my jeans at my ankles.  I expected her to sit on the couch and pull me over her lap for a spanking so my heart was racing.  That’s not what happened, however.  I was roughly pushed over the back of the couch by Hayden.  As he snarled “STAY!” Tisha grabbed my wrists and leaned back holding me in place with her entire weight.

“What is this?” I managed to say just before my body was filled with pain from my heavy, folded double, garrison belt crashing into my bare butt.  I yelled.  The belt struck again and I yelled again.  Over and over it struck and soon my tail was painfully ablaze.  Tisha was no longer holding me but the belt continued to strike.

“Tommy you will behave properly.  If you misbehave you will be whipped again.  We will not tolerate any more of your childish behavior.” snarled Hayden as he delivered a few more cuts with the belt.

This was not like in my fantasies where I was over my weak little sister’s lap getting spanked by her small hand for I was bent of the back of the couch getting strapped with a heavy leather belt by my much stronger, athletic, younger brother.  A couple of things were the same, however, for a younger sibling had taken control and was applying corporal punishment to my bare behind while giving me orders.

After a seeming eternity I was ordered to stand up.  I immediately started to rub my burning ass although I was quickly ordered to stop doing that and to wipe my eyes.  Then I saw that I was alone with Hayden who was still holding my belt.  He gave me a stern lecture about behaving properly and that misconduct will earn another strapping.  That it was my brother, rather than my sister, doing this was not what I fantasied but I still heard myself saying “Yes, Sir.”  I was confused but somehow I knew that it was right that Hayden was giving the orders.

“Go stand in the corner and think about how to apologize to Tisha.  Keep your hands on your head.”  I immediately scampered into the corner like an obedient little boy should.

I was definitely confused.  Getting strapped and obeying my kid brother was never part of my fantasy yet now I was and surprisingly it even felt proper.  The spanking he gave me was far more serious and painful than I had fantasied getting spanked by our sister.  I certainly did get what I wished for – sorta – but it quickly changed course to something else.

A while later he called me from the corner.  He made me remove my pants and undies and carry them as we went upstairs.  “It’s time to apologize to Tisha.” he said when we got to her door and knocked.  He pushed me into the room and with my junk dangling I mumbled a few words “Sorry for my bad conduct.”

“OK, but you better behave or you’ll be strapped again, boy.” she said.

“Get to bed, boy.” ordered Hayden.  I did which showed that I was accepting the new order.

* * * * * * * * * *

By the time that I fell asleep (prone, of course) I began to realize that my little brother was one of those alphas and had learnt that I definitely was not. Things were different – very different – after that.  Hayden watched me carefully and each and every transgression earned me a red-hot butt.  He liked the belt best but also put me over his lap and used his hand or a small paddle for a traditional spanking.  Hayden always insisted that Tisha was welcome to watch and join in although she never spanked me.  It was not very long before we both knew that he was the brother-in-charge.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 1, 2021

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