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The Women Are in Charge


We lived in a suburb of a suburb.  It's still the poorest area with a couple of dozen houses separated from the main part of the little southern town by the railroad and the interstate.  At least two thirds of the homes were headed by women either because they were divorced, widowed or married to traveling men like my Pa who was a trucker.  The men from other third of homes worked in the town having low end jobs and when home just tended to drink beer and watch the games on the TV.  The net result was that the neighborhood was run by women.

The weather was warm all year long and, except for school and other trips into 'town', all that the boys wore were diapers until they were potty trained and then until past twelve years old just their birthday suits.  No clothes meant no laundry and less to buy.  Somewhere between eight and ten at the latest, girls got to cover their privates from our lustful male eyes.  A few mothers allowed their hairless boys the great privilege of wearing shorts after school starting at age twelve but boys were not required to cover up until they had pubic hair.  My mother did not subscribe to that idea and I was told, in most definitive terms, that as long as I was a boy, I would remain naked about the house and neighborhood.  Looking back, I realize now that those boys allowed shorts early tended to be those who that we looked up to and usually got hair before they were thirteen and a half.

My two sisters, Lucy and Heather who were three and four years younger than I, started wearing clothes about the house and 'hood when I was still a naked thirteen year old.  I could see that Lucy was changing into a woman soon after that because of the way her chest began to stick out and Heather's did also less than a year later.  I, on the other hand, was a late bloomer and did not get my first pube until I was almost sixteen.  I confess that I was envious of my best friend Timmy who was allowed to wear shorts when we were twelve and had a bush by fourteen.

Spanking naughty boys was considered a virtue in the 'hood and my mother was among the most virtuous women you could ever imagine.  When I displeased her, which happened at least once a week, I would be spanked.  If Father was home, she would send me to him.  He never asked me if it was justified or even why but just said: "Your mother said to spank you, boy." and pulled me over his lap.  At home I was always naked so, of course, they would all be bare bottom spankings.  My sisters and their friends delighted in watching my naughty boy's bottom be turned into a fiery, pain center and the tears flowing down my face followed by my lighting up the room doing corner time.  After I was twelve, the protocol changed and Dad used his belt.  I would be bent over and he would strap me.  I got from six to twenty-five strokes each time.  They were always hard strokes and he laughed at my crying.

When Dad was away, Mother spanked me herself although at times I would be sent to our muscular neighbor for a spanking.  When I was very little, she used just her hand but I was promoted to the wooden kitchen spoon before I was eight and the horrid hairbrush when I was eleven.  Further promotions were achieved with longer and harder application of the hairbrush.  I was always left a weeping little boy in the corner for my sisters to tease.© YLeeCoyote

Girls were also spanked at home but only by their mothers or babysitters and in private.  The only times I ever saw a girl get spanked was outside when her mother gave her just got a couple of casual spanks while she remained standing upright.

Since I did not wear clothes at home, I was told that I did not need any privacy or modesty.  Doors at home had the exclusive purpose of keeping me out once my sisters started to wear clothes at home.  Naked kids were all forbidden to close the doors to their rooms or the bathroom.  Even before Lucy and Heather did that, I was told not to intrude on them in the bathroom.  Once I did and got my tail roasted for it so I learnt not to do that.  They, of course, were allowed to intrude on me.  They were even allowed to examine my body whenever they wished.

The community leaders believed that it took a village to raise a child, so that every adult not only had the right but the obligation of guiding the young.  Most took this to mean whacking a kid's rump as hard as they could.  The simplest of play could earn a public spanking from anyone at anytime.  The littlest kids were just given a couple of spanks on their exposed bottoms while they were bent over.  The bigger boys, even the ones in shorts got it a lot harder.  They were required to bend over something – a car, a bench, a fence rail – and then smacked usually with a hairbrush from the ladies or a belt from the men.  Perversely, all us kids always watched the poor victim even though it was often just chance that we were not getting it.

We were never left alone but always had babysitters.  Boys were never selected for this job but teen girls were.  Girls of twelve and up did not have babysitters unless there were younger siblings that needed more mature sitters.  Boys, even those who had pubes required sitters until they were seventeen.  It was not unusual for a boy of that age to be babysat by a younger girl.  Babysitters had great authority and disobedience to one would quickly earn a spanking.  Even boys of sixteen would quickly drop their shorts and get over the lap of their thirteen or even twelve-year-old sitters when so ordered before they suffered a worse fate.  The younger the girl sitter was, the harder the spanking usually was since the objective was to make the boy cry.  My sisters were most delighted when our babysitters spanked me to a bawling little boy while they watched.

One day Timmy learnt first butt about how hard Lilly, my babysitter for that day, could and did spank.  We were playing in my room and Lilly called us for lunch but we procrastinated and she decided to spank us.  Timmy refused saying she was not in charge of him.  That was a very big mistake.  Lilly called his mother who told him that he was very wrong and must obey young ladies who were in charge and certainly his friends' babysitters.  While he was still on the phone, she ordered him to remove his shorts.  He was then to obey Lilly like the young-lady-in-charge that she was and he was to be shortless for three months.  He begged forgiveness from Lilly but he was soon over her lap and feeling the hairbrush from her.  Lilly was still twelve and in our class at school, but she spanked with a great will and the hairbrush was made with a heavy oak back so each and every spank hurt.  I had to watch my buddy get reduced to a bawling baby like he had watched me a few months before.  I knew that he would no longer tease me about that spanking.  After Lilly had reduced Timmy to a bawling little repentant boy, it was my turn.  I obediently got over her lap and got a dose of the hairbrush.  Fortunately not as big a dose as Timmy got.  His spanking marks showed for days and Lucy and her friends made sure everyone knew who had spanked him.  Timmy did apologize to me for his teasing me after Lilly had spanked me that earlier time.

A few days after Lilly spanked Timmy and he had lost his privileged state of shorts-wearing, he spoke to Lilly.  Since we were on the school bus, I heard it all.  He explained that he had been doing a lot of thinking and really regretted his rude and disrespectful behavior.  "I've really earned a spanking for that and it's most appropriate that you give it to me."  I thought that he was mad – asking for a spanking but it got worse.  "Also, you should decide when I may wear shorts again.  I have my mother's permission to ask you and she said that she will accept your decision."  Lilly gave him instructions.

With everyone watching, at the appointed time, Timmy went to Lilly's house and confessed his crime and asked to be spanked.  He also gave her a bundle of his shorts to keep until she decided he might wear them again.  Lilly gave him a very long, hard and painful spanking.  It must have been hundreds of spanks with the hairbrush.  Timmy started crying right after she started and continued to bawl for a while after she was done.  He hurt for more than a week after that.  I asked how long he thought Lilly would kept his shorts and he cheerfully said he hadn't any idea but was sure that she would do what she thought was best.  He was very happy when she gave him his shorts back after just another couple of weeks.

My sisters were most thrilled to assist with spanking any boy and especially me.  The first time Lucy was only ten and been wearing clothes in the house only for a month or so.  I had displeased Mother (ever so easy to do) and the girls watched Mother sit on a kitchen chair and take me over her lap.  Mom started with her hand rather than the hairbrush and after a dozen spanks, invited Lucy to give me a few.  "I'll be delighted to help you, Mother." she said immediately starting to spank me with her small hand.  It hardly hurt and that was only because of Mother's warm up.

"Use the hairbrush, dear." said Mother.  "You'll see how much more effective it is to teach your naughty brother a lesson."

Lucy obeyed and started to use the heavy hairbrush as Mother held me over her lap.  That really did hurt and I was soon jumping and yelling.  Lucy was really delighted.  I was soon reduced to tears and gained respect for my little sister.  Mother then told Lucy to give me a bath and put me to bed.  It was only five o'clock.  Mother supervised the whole time but Lucy actually bathed and put me to bed as if I was only three or four-years-old.  Since it was the first time, Lucy was very gentle and Mother had to tell her to scrub me harder and to be sure to wash my pee-pee and poo-poo hole.  Lucy was already familiar with them having frequently examined me very carefully for years.  Lucy washed me thoroughly and then dried me.  I was then directed to brush my teeth and even to pee-pee under close supervision.  Lucy tucked me into bed and kissed me good night.  She whispered to me that I had better be a good boy and stay in bed or I would get spanked again.

After that, Lucy always assisted Mother when she spanked me.  She was only twelve when she gave me a spanking by herself rather than just assisting Mother.  Mother was busy and she just said: "Lucy, please spank your naughty brother."  I did not dare to resist nor even object especially since Father was due home that evening.  Mother would just tell him to spank me and he would use the belt.  Lucy took me into the front room, and sat on the couch.  I had to get across her lap and then she started with the hairbrush.  I think that I would have been better off just getting the strap from Dad.  She really walloped me long and hard.  Not only was I bawling but I was begging for mercy.  Everything was much worse because Lucy's best friend was there and encouraging her.  My best friend was also a witness.  Timmy took me up to my room and tried to comfort me but he also teased me about how my little sister had made me bawl.  I know that he found it very exciting because his shorts were tented.

Within two months, Lucy was my babysitter when Mother was not around.  She was fully authorized to be in charge of me and to punish me without question.  All she had to do if I did not obey her was to tell Mother who would then spank me and tell me to obey my sister.  The second time this happened, I had refused a spanking and so after Mother had roasted my tail, Lucy did.  There was not a third time.

As you can imagine, I was most thrilled when I started to get pubes for I was the oldest boy in the 'hood not to have them.  Mother was absolutely steadfast that I must have them before I was allowed any clothes at home or in the neighborhood.  I did not realize how evil Heather could be until then.  She was jealous of Lucy and thrilled that she was also empowered to spank me by that time.  It was my misfortune that my sister saw that I was getting pubes before Mother did.  The very day Heather did, she came to me, said she had a special cream and rubbed it on my pubis.  When she wiped it off, my half dozen hairs also disappeared.  She checked me every day after that and used the cream at least once a week for a year.  I was afraid to tell Mother as Heather would still have power over me even if I had pubes and would find many reasons to spank me.

I had thought that I would be allowed to grow pubes after I graduated from school and started to work.  I was wrong.  Not only was I wrong about that, but something even worse happened for I was infibulated.  Four holes were punched in my foreskin and a lock inserted.  Heather got the key and she only allowed me to jerk off once a week and only if she thought that I had been well behaved.  A couple of other boys were also treated the same way.  Timmy was much more fortunate for he got to attend the local community college and Lilly married him.  Father explained that only some boys, such as Timmy, are allowed to marry and thus breed and some, like me, are not.

Eventually, Heather also got married but she stayed in the house and her husband moved in.  Neither my life nor status changed for I remain a boy, always naked in the house and yard, wearing shorts in the neighborhood and only dressing for my job in town.  One thing I know for sure, however, my nieces will certainly boss me around and find reasons to spank me encouraged by my mother and sisters.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 2, 2009

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