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The following story is fiction about an ten-year-old boy's first experience with girls in the men's locker room.  The story contains scenes of spanking including a strapping along with mixed preteen nudity, touching and masturbation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Wrong Locker Room


Looking back at my first day at the neighborhood pool here, I see that it actually was a good thing although at the time it was more than horrible.  When I was almost ten and in the fifth grade, we moved to the new town just before school started.  It seemed that everyone else was friends and I was the outsider.  It was, of course, basically true but I did get to know the other kids.  As you can imagine, my parents were busy with a new home, job and town although I really did not appreciate it back then.

It was two months after school started that dad took me to the neighborhood pool for an afternoon of swimming.  It was also some quality time together as he had been very busy.  It was something we had been doing twice a month for years.  I was delighted to go.  Until … I found that there were differences.

In our new town things were different than in my old town but I did not know that for a while.  We registered, getting a locker assignment for the day and then went into the men's locker room.  There were several men and boys there changing and I was used to that.  I already knew how as guys grew – not only did they get bigger (including their penises) but they also got hair in more places.  It was just another part of growing up and I expected it was going to happen to me.  I was used to seeing naked guys changing and showering and them seeing me.  I never saw girls changing nor did Mom ever take me into the women's locker room as there were private cubical for adults with opposite gender kids.

I had just gotten undressed and, after hanging my clothes in the locker, turned around expecting to head for the shower with Dad.  I was shocked.  There was a girl there and she was almost as naked as I was.  I stared.  What was a GIRL doing in the MEN'S locker room?  She pushed down her panties and I strained to look at her bottom.  It looked just about the same as the boys' bottoms I had seen.  Then she turned and I saw her front.

My eyes popped out for she was the first girl I had seen this way.  I did not even have the right words as I stared at her slit.  She waved and said "Hi."  She was in my class and she was seeing me naked.  Panicked, I put my hands in front of my crotch to hide my dick.© YLeeCoyote

Then Dad slapped me on my butt and said: "Son, it is rude to stare!"  I turned again and saw a couple of more girls naked.  I could not help but to stare at them also.  They must have been a bit more grown up because they had some hair on their slits and their chests stuck out, sort of like Mom's.  Again, I couldn't help but to stare.  Dad knew how to make me stop.  He could have just dragged me away to the shower but they would go there too so he used his usual method of making me change my behavior when I did not get the message verbally.  He sat down on the bench and pulled me across his lap.  When Dad did that, I knew that I was getting a spanking and had also learnt not to resist for that got me painful extras.

"Dad, please, not here; not in front of everyone!" I begged much more earnestly than I usually did although Dad never heeded my pleas once I was in this position.  I probably said it loudly which attached attention which is exactly what I did not want.

So where everyone could see, Dad spanked me.  Over and over he raised his large, hard hand and brought it crashing down on my little, soft bottom.  You bet it hurt a lot.  He usually spanked me until I was bawling but this time he stopped when I was merely sobbing.  He stood me up and wiped my face and had me blow my nose and hugged me.

"Thomas, go apologize to your friend for your rude behavior." he ordered.  I was naked with a hot red ass and he wanted me to go to Tami and speak to her.  It was even more mortifying than being spanked.  I looked at Dad and he told me again – this time using my full name and adding with my hands at my sides, which gave warning of another and harder spanking if I did not obey immediately.  That would have been even worse so, with four bright red checks, I took the few steps to her.

I stammered a bit as I said: "Tami, please forgive me for staring."  I could see that she looked at my entire body from head to toe and back again.

"Sure, Tommy." she said causally like this happened everyday and then went over to the other girls while Dad lead me to the showers.  The pool rules required a full shower before entering the pool.

There were a few guys in the showers, some doing their before shower and others their after.  Everyone was naked and there were a couple of girls also.  I rushed so as not to stare again and to be able to put on my swim suit as soon as possible.  A few minutes later Dad and I were at the pool.

I swam a bit with Dad but he did not object when I started to play with other kids for Tami was not the only one from my class but a couple of the boys were there also.  I noticed that all the younger kids were taken by their parents or guardians into the grownup's locker room and if anyone thought it strange they did not say anything.

When it was time to go Dad and I headed for the locker room but we got to the door Dad told me to go ahead to shower (thoroughly) and rinse out my bathing suit while he continued to talk with a couple of other adults, including a woman who was not allowed into the men's locker room.  Right after I got into the shower, Tami and her friends came in.  It was an open shower room and I was in the corner and the girls were on both sides of me.  They did not care that we were all naked and started to talk to me like they had in the pool.  When her friends started to wash each other's backs, Tami started to wash my back the same way.

Once again, I was dumbfounded.

But it felt great.

And it went further.  For Tami my back included my bottom which she did very gently saying that I probably still hurt from my recent spanking.  Then she reached around and washed my bat and balls before asking me to wash her back.  She liked my stiffy.  I decided that it was only polite to wash as much of her as she washed of me so I did her bottom and reached around and did her crotch also.  Her two friends joined us and they touched me all over to.  Again, I returned the favor and felt their little boobs also.

It was quite an experience.  On the way home, I told Dad that I felt stupid for staring and that it had been a fun day – especially in the shower when the girls washed me like my Mom and my babysitters had years before.  Dad did not say anything about this either way (good or bad).

In class on Monday, Tami told me that it was fun playing and showering with me at the pool.  She wanted to know how I felt about it.  I thanked her for being so nice and understanding and confessed that it was a new experience for me which I really, really, liked.  Once I had gotten over the shock, it seemed normal just like being dressed was the rest of the time.  Then she told me that most of my classmates had been naked with each other.  It was especially cool to play naked in the lawn sprinklers on a hot summer day just like it was when everyone was a preschooler.  She told me that there had been a birthday party during the summer where the family had a small pool and everyone dressed up in their birthday suits for the occasion.

A couple of weeks later, Tami invited me to go to the pool with her and some others.  Her mother took us and then I got to change in the women's locker room.  It was my first time to see adult women naked and I was very careful not to stare although I looked a lot.  It was actually more interesting to stay with Tami and our other friends than look at the strangers.  A couple of years later I would have thought differently, but by then I was old enough to use the men's locker room by myself so I did not have the opportunity.  A lot of us still got naked together and it was fun.

It even happened once after I had been naughty.  Dad gave me a choice of being grounded or being spanked.  I choose the spanking.  By this time I had been promoted to the belt so I got it in my room.  I dropped my jeans and briefs and leaned over the bed when Dad was ready.  With his heavy belt, folded in half, he gave me six stingers that were very hard.  I yelped a little for some but did not cry like a baby although they really hurt.  I pulled up my pants when he was finished and washed my face before going out to meet my friends.

The girls insisted that they wanted to see my strapped butt and I could not refuse.  I lowered my jeans and briefs and let them examine me.  Judy said that she had some cream that would me feel better and got it.  Then she sat on the couch and I lay across her lap and she rubbed it in.  It felt very good.  It felt so good that I had a big hard-on when I got up.  Jack was jealous and got Lena to rub cream on his butt.  Then the girls jerked us both off giving me my first dry come with a girl.

There were other great experiences and I can trace them all to that first day I stared at a naked girl in the men's locker room.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 20, 2011

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