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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of humiliation, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

After learning that the real life models of  "Our Younger Brothers, Our Caretakers" were working on resolving their problems by planing a retreat to sort everything out and re-bond, I though about what might have happened had they done so years ago.  This story is totally fiction unlike the predecessor.  Need I tell you that you should read Part 1 first.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Our Younger Brothers, Our Caretakers  (2/2)


It has been some seventeen years since I (Philip, a.k.a., Pip) and my mate Michael had been put into the care of our younger brothers, Paul and Stephen, respectively as the result of being out of control.  It was our parents desperate attempt to keep us hellions out of an approved school.  Strange as it may seem, the unorthodox treatment was successful and there were a lot of very positive benefits for all four of us.  By now we are all, in varying degrees, productive self-sufficient members of society.

Not surprisingly there were some unintended consequences.  When this formal change occurred, Paul and Steve were just approaching thirteen and although pretty mature (for their ages) still did not have the required self-discipline nor parental experience to be fair and balanced in the treatment of us.  It would not be fair not to mention that our parents failed to monitor the situation adequately so as to provide the needed guidance to our brothers and prevent excesses.  There was also a problem in that our fathers believed in very strict corporal punishment and also that being caught was a major crime.

Almost all the excesses occurred in the first year when Paul and Steve were learning on the job and having to cope with their increased power of being the brothers-in-charge even though they were younger.  Of course, this power increased their status among their peers but even this had a downside.  Whenever we were taunted about being babies and the like, our brothers also felt it for they were ashamed of us.

After school we scattered to the four winds but we all came back to our home city and settled down into gay bachelors' lives.  We saw each other but in the last couple of years we realized that we all need to resolve the past.  Paul and Steve were increasingly feeling their guilt and Mike and I still had resentments.  In some talk about all of this, we realized that the contracts we signed years ago were still in effect and we were still in homage to our younger brothers.

We decided that for our summer holiday we would go on a retreat for a week, turn back the clock to when they should have released us back in the six form and resume being our younger brothers with the appropriate respect and deference due to their older brothers.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Paul picked us up with his motor.  I was waiting, dutifully in school shorts, when he pulled up in front of my flat.  I tossed my bag into the boot and reached for the front door.

"In the back, Pipsqueak.  You know that little ones always ride in back."

"Yes, sir."  I said.  I sat in the back feeling a strange, perhaps a perverse, thrill at being ordered about again so openly.  Paul had set the stage immediately.  I wondered why he did not drive off.

He sighed.  "How many times do I have to tell you to buckle up, boy?"  I found the seat belt and buckled it and Paul drove off.  "That is not a good start, Pip.  You better behave properly or you'll be bent over even before we get there."

A few minutes later we were picking up Steve and Mickey.  Mike was very quiet as he get into the back with me and Steve joined Paul in the front.  "You wouldn't believe the trouble that boy has given me this morning, Paul; I almost took the cane to him already."

"I know how you feel; Pip is the same.  I've put him on probation already."  Mike and I exchanged glances and squeezed each other hands.  Everyone was in the right state of mind – teenaged minds.  The only anomaly was that a "fifteen"-year-old was driving although he would not have been back then (if he had been able to talk Dad out of the car).

Before we were halfway there, Mike and I got restless and started to tease each other.  Our timing was pretty bad.  Our ever watchful caregivers yelled at us just as we approached a rest area.  Paul drove right into it.

We were ordered over to a picnic table and told to sit.  A minute later, Steve joined us.  He had a cane in his hand.  "I had hoped that I would not need this so soon, but you two are incorrigible.  Assume the position."  Both Mike and I did as we were told.  Steve gave Mickey three over his shorts and then handled the cane to Paul who gave me the same.  They used a lower school cane and did not really hit hard.

Even though is was only mid-morning and the rest area was almost deserted we had an appreciative audience.  An elderly man was leading his grandson to the bog and commented to Paul and Steve "that it was nice that there were still people who knew the proper way to discipline boys."  He then told his grandson that "I'm going to speak to your father about getting a cane for you, lad."

"Back into the car now and you better behave yourselves." came the order.  Mike and I quickly resumed our places, bucked up and were quiet for the rest of the ride.

Paul had found this little cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea and surrounded by sheep meadows.  It had two small bedrooms each with a double beds, a small kitchen, bath and a sitting room.  He had gotten the place stocked so that we would not need to shop for a few days. We spent a few minutes stowing our stuff and checking that we had everything that we needed.  Then we gathered in the sitting room to get to business.

Paul and Steve really did it nicely.  They apologized very profusely for their excesses and then gave each of us four things.  First, their apologies beautifully hand written in a schoolboy script.   Second, our original contracts that put them in charge of us.  They had written across the faces that they were canceled and had framed them.  Third, a pair of jeans each neatly washed and ready to wear.  We quickly changed out of our shorts and put them on.  I felt like I did when I finished the first form and got my first pair of longs when I was twelve.  Fourth and last, they promised that they would be our very obedient twelve-year-old little brothers for the week to try to repent for their long past mis-deeds.

Mike and I had been thinking about what we should do next.  We had told them to bring shorts but Mike had a brainstorm.  "Little boys should not be in longs.  Take them off."  We smiled as they obediently removed their jeans.  I'm sure they expected us to tell them to get their shorts but we surprised them.  We handed them our shorts (still warm) and told them to put them on.  As good sports they did without a word.  Since they are both bigger than us, they were quite tight on them, outlining their bums and other parts and made them look more boyish.

We went out to explore the area and to enjoy the view and pounding surf.  It was not even ten minutes before we had to yell at the boys for the third time not to go so close to the edge of the cliff.  It was time that they were taught a lesson.  After lecturing them on the dangers we removed our belts and they were smart enough to bend over without any objection.  But they were not going to get off so easily.  Mike and I told them to stand and drop their little boy shorts and pants and to resume position.  They each got six across their bare bums.  It really felt good to see the strips form on them rather than on each other as we had many times in the past.  We did not thrash them like our dad thrashed us but we hit hard enough that they knew they had been strapped.  For the rest of the outing, we held them by the hands so that they could not go near the edge again.

We had a simple dinner which I cooked.  The important thing was that they had soda while we had beer.  It was just another ploy to make them feel younger than us.  Over dinner Mike and I talked about how naughty the little ones were and we decided that the problem was that they thought that they were big boys, maybe even men, because they had pubic hair.  There is certainly one way to solve that problem.  After they had cleared the table and removed their clothes, we took them outside.  There we told them that they were going to get shorn, just like the sheep in the meadow were.  They pleaded (but not very sincerely) with us but we insisted that it was the necessary to do it.  A reminder that they had done it to us was the clincher.

We had brought a barber clipper to make the job easy.  Mike got to do Steve first.  He stood on a bench with his hands on his head and feet apart.  Mike felt real good when he turned on the machine.  It was easier than doing a sheep since he stood still.  Back and forth he ran the clipper starting with the little trail down from his naval.

Then I did Paul.  He had a big bush and I recall that back in school he was very proud of it.  It took some time even with the power machine clipping.  Then I made sure to get the hair on his sack and even back to his perineum.  As I handled his equipment I recalled the past when he told me to and how nice his manhood was then and still is now.  When he stepped down from the stool, he looked ridiculous for he's as a hairy as a gorilla.  Now he had a silly combination of a hairy chest and bare pubes.  He looked me right in the eye and said: "Pip, a man does the whole job; a boy just part."   I blushed for he was right.  I was not doing what I had set out to.  I was forgetting about his needs.  I turned the clipper back on and it took almost ten minutes to clear his chest as he stood there with his hands behind his back and a wry smile.

As I was checking that I had gotten every hair enjoying rubbing my hand over his hard muscles he shifted his hand to the top of his head exposing his hairy armpits.  It was a clear indication that I should really do a full job.  I had to really admire him for going all the way.  I ran the clipper over his pits until they were bare.  When I turned the clipper off, he gave me a hug.  I could not help but to return it.  Later he told me that this was the first time he had lost his bush.

Back in the house we had them clean up the dishes while Mike and I read.  Actually, we mainly just smiled at each other and sipped our beers.  It still was early but we told them it was bedtime and sent them to bathe together and then wait in the tub for us.  While they dripped dried, we covered their clipped pubes with shaving foam and removed the stubble left by the clipper.  It did not take very long before they were as smooth as babies.  We rinsed them off and dried them.  We then tucked them into bed and read them a bedtime story.  Mike and I talked a while and then took our own showers and went to bed.

I was really looking forward to this.  Every since we had been given into the care of our brothers, they had used us sexually.  That in and of itself was not a problem for we were all horny teenagers, but that they never let us be the tops.  Our brothers had been warned that they were expected to behave appropriately as younger brothers should – that is to say, like we did.  After I got into bed I put my arms about my brother (like he had often done to me) and pulled him close.  We both felt closer than we had in many years.  We could tell that we were both very turned on.  I gently pushed his head toward my very erect cock.  Paul did not resist; he knew that turnabout was fair play and proceeded to give me a superb blow job.  (I was tempted to return the favour as I held his rigid shaft but I did not as he had not done for me back then.)

We cuddled for a while telling each other that we really did love each other and expressed regrets that we had not done this alone time ago.  All this time, Paul was playing with my dick and had gotten it very hard again.  I got the lube from the night table and started to play with Paul's hole.  He had never let me do this before, but tonight was different.  I played with his hole gently and gradually managed to work up to three fingers into his tight hole.  I covered my own shaft with more lube and got on top of him.  I slipped in easily and for the very first time fucked my little brother as he had fucked me so many times before.  He must have liked it for he actually climaxed without touching his rod.

I got behind him and held him as he had held me many times. We slept together and happy.  In the morning we found that we had shifted positions and he was now holding me.  In all honesty, I will admit that it felt very good; even his hot rod pressing against my bum crack.  I fondly remembered his fucking me many times and loving it even if I protested at the time.  This morning he did not try.

The little boys were assigned kitchen duty while the big boys just rested a little longer.  We were served breakfast in bed and they were not permitted to eat until we had finished.  After they cleaned up, we explored the area more fully, even finding a path down to the water and a sort of beach.  We could not resist so we stripped down and skinny dipped for a while.  When we got out, we chastised the boys (the ones with bare pubes) for forgetting the towels.  We then spanked them like little forgetful boys deserve to be spanked.  We found some rocks to sit on, pulled them over our laps and spanked them with our hands until their bums were rosy red.  Then we picked up our plimsolls and finished the job.  Now we could hit a lot harder and turned the rosy red into a deep cherry red.  I'm not sure that they were real tears, but they both cried a little bit.  Maybe they felt like little boys without pubic hair and over Daddy's knees.  We comforted them until they stopped crying (which was only a few minutes).  They promised to be more careful in the future.  After dressing we wandered around some more and played ball.

The second evening was a lot like the first.  Of course, all though this time together, we did talk about the past – how it was both good and bad.  We spend the night like the first one.

In the morning Steve made breakfast and we all ate at the table.  Of course, the little boys did not have tea but milk.  Then we had a very serious discussion in the sitting room.  We talked long and hard explaining our feelings openly.  We all discovered things that we did not know about the other side.  Mike and I explained that we forgave everything with just one exception.  We had decided that their making us confess to their misdeeds and thus getting thrashed by our dads required a physical punishment.  Steve was sent to fetch the upper school cane.

A few minutes later we had two boys wearing only their vests, bent over in front of us.  I went first and gave Paul the hardest cut that I could.  Even as he said "One; thank you, Sir." the fiery red track was forming.  Then Mike did the same to Steve with similar results.  Paul got the second from Mike.  We alternated until each errant lad got the full dose of six cuts.  Even though this caning hurt significantly more than the spanking, neither of them cried out or moved.

We then had lunch which they chose to eat standing by the old mantle rather than sitting by the table with us.  We also explained that everything was now even-stevens but we had one more task for them first which was to wait for after dinner.

Lunch completed, we drove into town to get some supplies.  Actually that was just an excuse to show them off in their tight school shorts.  After dinner we explained that for us all to be equal they would have to shave us.  Their faces lit up as this was quite unexpected.  We stripped and went outside.  They made fast work of our bushes with the clippers.  We joked that we all should have saved the clippings and sold it like the local herders did.  It made for a good laugh.  Then, back inside, they shaved us.

We then formally accepted their apologies and had a great big and long group hug.  We hadn't felt so good about ourselves in a very long time.  We were our best mates once again like when we thought that the eleven-plus was the most important thing in the world.  We were all smooth little boys on a holiday ready, willing and able to have fun.

This night we were not restricted by «big boy / little boy» rules and were all just boys and were ready to play.  Once we were in bed, I examined the marks I had made on Paul.  I felt bad about them; probably worse than he felt.  I told him that I was sorry and proceed to kiss each welt on each check to make the boo-boo go away like when we were little boys and I kissed his scrapped knees.  Many times when we were in school, I had kissed his arse to prove my acceptance of his dominance but never like this; this time it was to prove my love.  To finish up, I also spread his cheeks and kissed the centre.  Paul liked this, pulled me up and Frenched kissed me for a long time.

Then Paul was his usual aggressive self and really got into me just like he did when we were really teens.  Although, this time he gave me a fabulous blow job which he had never done in the old days.  Then we cuddled the entire night knowing that we loved each other deeply and that the past was really past.

The next two days were the absolutely greatest. Everyone was happy.  Everyone had fun playing.  None of us worried about shorts or longs; big or little.  We just played.  We even had dinner in town a couple of times just so that would not have to fuss.  We made it a rule that we had to have a group hug three times a day.

We realized that we had one regret.  We should have done this at least a decade ago.

One thing was different with Mike and Steve than it was with Paul and I.  They told us that they felt that their relationship was balanced with neither of them dominant.  Paul and I had something else.  Paul always seemed to be in charge particularly when we were alone.  Of course, it was most evident in bed.  He was always directing me.  It was not like it was when we were in school when I had no choice but now it felt absolutely right.  I felt happiest when he enveloped me in his arms and slid his hard cock into my bumhole without a word.  In retrospect, even if I had not been put into his charge I sure that he would have taken control on his own.

It was on the sixth morning that we first talked about a new relationship.  He was wrapped about me and holding both my wrists together while playing with my smooth groin.  "Pip, are you happy like this?" he whispered into my ear while licking it.

"Yes.  Oh, yes; very much so."  I responded think that I was the luckiest bloke in the world in the arms of my hero and love.

"Me too." he replied.  "I love you, Pip, and I want us to be together.  I promise that I'll never be mean like I was back them."

When we were dressing, Paul tossed my clothes on the bed as he had a couple of times before.  Today he tossed my shorts rather than my jeans.  I put them on knowing full well that I was his little boy – Paul's little boy – once again.  He hugged me and I knew that it was the right thing.

Mike and Steve noticed but did not say a word.  It was only after a few hours that they realized I was always deferring to Paul.  It was only at dinner when I had a soda rather than a beer was it totally clear to them what our relationship was now.

At night Paul told me that he intended to keep me his shaven little boy forever and could expect to be spanked in one way or another when ever I was naughty.  "Yes, sir, big brother.  I need your help." I told him.

We had to be out by 10 o'clock so that the landlord could clean the place for the next renters.  Paul had to remind me: "Little shorts boys ride in the back."  We all laughed.  Then he told me to buckle up.  We took a long scenic route home and I managed to mess up again.  Less than ten minutes after we had left the lunch place where Paul had asked me if I had to pee and I had said no, I said I had to.  I had to hold it (literally) for another twenty minutes until we could stop.  After relieving myself, I got three cuts with the lower school cane on my shorts in the rest stop.

This boy does not seem to learn.  I'm looking forward to moving with Paul in a new place.  He will be able to keep a better watch on me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 12, 2001

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