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The following story is fiction about two tweens dating.  The story contains scenes of spanking and underage masturbation with young femdom overtones.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The characters here appeared in The Classroom from Hell – 2/2

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Young Daters


First Date

Erwin and Becky knew each other from their sixth grade class at North Side Elementary School.  It was not a place that Erwin liked for the boys there got spanked bare bottom in class with everyone else – especially the girls – watching.

Erwin was quite surprised when Becky sat down next to him one morning on the school bus.  He did not want to be nice nor even polite to the girl but he was mindful that she was the chief class monitor and could easily get him into trouble – spanking trouble – so he carefully kept his tongue in check and managed a polite greeting.

Becky got to the point very quickly.  “Erwin, there is a band concert in the town square park on Sunday.  I want you to take me.  It should be lots of fun for a first date.”

“ME?  Why me?  We aren’t friends.” he replied in amazement.© YLeeCoyote

“You’re an attractive boy who is almost thirteen and it is time for a date with a girl.  I’ll bet you have never had a date.” she said with a killer smile.  After a long silence she added: “I’ll even treat you at Buford’s Ice Cream Emporium.  Think about it, Erwin.”

A couple of days later Erwin very politely asked her “Becky will you go to the band concert in the City Square on Sunday with me?”

“I’ll be delighted Erwin.” she replied immediately.  “Let me give you my address.  If you pick me up at 12:30 we can walk there without rushing.”  He agreed.

“I think it would be nice if we dressed up for a first date so wear your school uniform and I’ll wear mine.  My parents will be impressed.”  Again he agreed not realizing how bossy she was.

Right on time Erwin rang the bell and survived the awkward few minutes with her parents before they headed to the concert.  Not surprisingly Becky was much better at conversation than was Erwin.  She even paid him a compliment that he took The Dragon’s (their teacher) spankings better than any other boy in the class.

“I don’t like her spankings and they are so unfair.” he said honestly.

“I understand and you are right but that is the way the school is.”

They both enjoyed the concert with the rousing swell of sound that is the nature of a brass band.  They also felt more grown up than usual being neatly dressed and at an adult event on their first date.

After the concert was over, as Becky promised she lead them to Buford’s Emporium in the local mini-mall for the greatest ice cream in the world.  As they enjoyed their great frozen confection Becky got very serious.  “Erwin, I’m sorry that I spanked you so hard in school last week but I had to keep up appearances.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Erwin quite unsure where she was going.

“I did not realize the flip-flop was such an effective spanking tool.  But, nevertheless, I’m sure that you enjoyed it unlike any of The Dragon’s spanking.”

“I told you that I DO NOT like being spanked.” he dared to correct her.

“I’m sure you don’t like The Dragon’s spankings for you are always soft after them as you rub your hot tail.  However, you were HARD after my spanking!”  She paused for effect as Erwin blushed.  “And just as you were excited so was I!  I just loved spanking you.”

Erwin was having trouble processing all this information.  However, slowly the pieces fell into place and he knew that she was right.

He was about to deny it when she put her hand on his crotch where she could feel that he was hard.  “Your penis doesn’t lie, Erwin.  It agrees with me.”

“It does that all sort of times, Becky.  It doesn’t prove a thing.”

“Yes it does for this is the first time you gotten hard since you called for me.  You found my spanking exciting even just talking about it and want another one now.”

Erwin could not believe what he was hearing but felt his cock get even harder.  Becky gave it a squeeze to show that she knew also.

“I want you to go to one of family rooms and not lock the door.  I’ll follow you and then we will have privacy for what you need – a good boy spanking.”

“I don’t know.” he said hesitatingly.

“I do know!  Now get going and everything will be good, Erwin.”

He sat frozen.

“Or I could just spank you here as a naughty boy!”

That got him moving.  Thirty seconds later she got up, saw which room he entered and followed him in.  She was elated that her plan was working.

After locking the door, Becky sat on the bench and called Erwin to stand before her.  She opened his belt and pants and lowered them to his ankles and had him raise his feet to remove them.  Then she repeated the action with his bulging briefs.  She was delighted that he was quite erect showing he was as excited as she was.  She was also delighted at how well his white dress shirt and tie showed off his maturing form.

“Time for your spanking, boy.” she said and glided him over her lap.  Gently she caressed his muscular buttocks before starting.  Again she got the thrill of her handprints on the beautiful target and then the gradual merging first to a uniform pink and then a rich red without the bruising favored by The Dragon.

Erwin to his surprise found that he actually enjoying being spanked.  It was terribly different from in class.  There was not any taunting nor excesses that were unpleasant.  He let himself get lost in the good feelings.

Erwin hardly realized that she had stopped spanking and had led him over to the urinal.  Becky was behind him and was now holding his erection.  “I can’t pee when I’m this hard.” he said.

“Then we have do something about it.” she said and began to jerk him off.  Everything – his youth, the novelty, the build up – contributed to his quick release for the first time by the hand of a girl.  They were both elated.  He even obediently urinated when she told him to pee.

They cleaned up and he redressed.

On the way home, prodded he admitted that she was absolutely right about his enjoying being spanked by her.  And a few other things as well.  Becky told him that she had also had a spectacular day and thanked him for making it possible.

They both were looking forward to their next date.  Becky did not mention the secret plans she had for her handsome, popular boyfriend.

Second Date

It was only a week later that I got up the nerve to ask Becky for a second date.  I was rewarded with a smile and we a set a date.  On that the morning I called her and we agreed to go to the park and dress casually.  That was good because it really was too hot for a tie.

I just got there and immediately learnt that things had changed.  Her mother was out for a doctor’s visit and shopping as planned but just five minutes earlier her father was called to work.  Becky was now required to babysit her eight-year-old brother so her father could leave.  Timmy was terribly disappointed that his planned outing with his Dad was canceled and then had a tantrum when Becky said we would not be going to the park like he had heard her plan on the phone.  She explained to me that he required much too much watching there.

When Timmy did not calm down when his big sister said Dad would take him another day she asked “Do you want a spanking?”  He kept screaming and she easily pulled down his beltless shorts and got him over her lap.  He kept screaming but now he was objecting to being spanked.

The spanks were most effective.  After a few spanks he stopped his yelling and went limp.  Then he was whimpering and calmed down.  “We can go into the yard, Timmy.  Would you like the sprinkler on?”

“YES! YES!” was the enthusiastic response so we moved outside.  I setup the sprinkler following Becky’s directions.  It was then that I realized I was a bit hard.  I hoped that she did not notice.  Timmy was quite happy naked in the sprinkler like I remembered that I had been when I was a little kid like him.  We sat and talked about nothing until she said she would make something to drink and told me to set the table up.  They had a card table and chairs on the porch which I easily set up on the lawn and Becky brought out the drinks.

As always, Timmy was in overdrive and dashed over for a drink bumping the table.  One of the legs gave out and the pitcher’s worth of drink was in my lap rather than the now upset pitcher.  My shirt and shorts and even briefs were soaked.  Surprisingly Becky was not upset.  It was then that I learnt that the table was old and the legs did not latch properly so that it was not, fortunately, my fault.  It even happened when her dad set things up.

“We must wash that out immediately, Erwin, before it stains.  Strip while I refill the pitcher.”  That made a lot of sense so I stripped as she directed remembering that she had seen me naked many times before and fixed the table.  When she returned Timmy got his drink and she said to wash off in the sprinkler while she dealt with my clothes.

“They are in the wash, Erwin.  How is being in the sprinkler?” she asked when she returned.

“It still feels great like years ago.” I replied.  I has these strange thoughts that this was a really weird date for I was naked frolicking in the sprinkler with my date’s kid brother she was babysitting.  Was I twelve or just eight like him?

Timmy was completely over not going to wherever with his dad for he was having a great time with me in the sprinkler.  Truth be told, so was I.  Unfortunately when Becky went inside to tend to the wash, we got too rambunctious.  I shoved Timmy and he fell just as she returned.

I was picking him up and she yelled at me “What is the matter with you Erwin? Shoving a little kid like that!  That is very naughty and has earned you a spanking!”

Timmy laughed and taunted.  “Naughty boy is getting a spanking!  Naughty boy is getting a spanking!”

I made the usual sorts of excuses but it did not help.  Becky sat on the on the porch steps and called me over.  I got a cursory drying with a towel.  Then it was over her lap and she was spanking me once again.  It wasn’t as hard as she spanked me in class but a lot harder than on our first date.  I really knew I was being spanked and I was close to crying.  Timmy continued his taunting until Becky told him to be quiet.  She parked me with my nose (and hard on) at a tree for corner time.

I was still there when her mother returned.  Becky explained everything that had happened and was praised for giving both naughty little boys the spankings they had earned.  Her mom did wonder about my getting naked but Becky explained “All the girls see all the boys in the class half naked when they get spanked so we are used to it.  Additionally with Erwin I even spanked him in class when I was the head monitor and Ms. Mondragon had to leave us to rush Nina to the nurse last month.”

Becky called me from the ‘corner’ and reminded me to play gently and sent me back into the sprinkler with Timmy.  It was, however, embarrassing to be naked with her mom also watching although, fortunately, she did not say anything about my hard-on.  After a while her Mom asked me to stay for dinner and I accepted.  Of course, she made me call home for permission which I got.

Suddenly sprinkler time was over and I was directed to shut it off and put things away.  “Bath time.” she announced.

“That would be nice, I’ll shower after you bathe Timmy.” I replied.

That, unfortunately, was not to be.  “We can save water if you get into the tub together.  That water is softened unlike the lawn water.”  My objections were overruled by both females and soon I was in the tub with Timmy and being bathed by Becky.  It was very strange but I felt good.

Becky finished bathing Timmy and dried him off.  He quickly scampered off to his room to play.  Then she returned her attention to me.  Actually she washed my boy parts very thoroughly and it was wonderful.  I cummed like in family room and then she dried me off.

It was then that I learnt another house rule.  No dressing after a spanking until the next day.  The five of us had dinner while both Timmy and I were naked.

Fortunately, I was allowed to get dressed before I was taken home.  Once I was in bed I jerked off thinking about all the things that happened that day.  I’m sure that it was how she took charge of me that was the most exciting thing all day.  I am confused about whether I’m almost a teenager or still just a little kid.

Third Date

My second date with Erwin did not go according my plans because I was suddenly required to babysit my little brother, Timmy.  However, it turned out well, perhaps even better than I had planned.  Erwin turned out to play well with Timmy so he kept switching between being my date and Timmy’s play date.  I’m sure that left him confused.  Of course, I kept complete control and spanked him in the open and jerked him privately when bathing him.

I made plans for another date with Erwin but the folks decided that day would be perfect to go the pond and enjoy the cool water.  We would not be in a crowd because it was a friend’s property although they did not have a cabin or anything.  I thought that it would be nice if I invited Erwin.  I pointed out that he was good with Timmy and that would make him useful.  They consented and he got his parents’ approval.

The drive to the pond, was uneventful.  Timmy was delighted that Erwin was there because he was a better playmate than our parents or I were.  Once we were there, he immediately stripped to his birthday suit and wanted to get into the water.  Fortunately, he knew that he had to be supervised so he was demanding of us as to who was the lifeguard.  Erwin got the job.  He striped to his shorts and asked where to change into his bathing suit.

“Don’t bother, Erwin.  Remember that little boys don’t need to be modest.  You were quite happy without one back at the house last week.” said my mom.  I was thrilled as I love seeing him naked.

Erwin hesitated a bit and finished stripping.  Timmy immediately started to drag him to the pond but Mom insisted on sun screen and I took advantage to feel Erwin all over putting some on him also.  A few minutes later I joined them at the water and Erwin immediately ran into pond like Timmy had.  Perhaps having nakey time brought out his more immature side.

Erwin apparently could not remember that he was practically a teenager and much bigger than Timmy for it was not very long before he was bullying my little brother and ducking him.  As Timmy was coughing and sputtering I quickly pulled him to shore so he could recover safely.  I then yelled at Erwin.  I gave his silly excuses about just having fun short shrift and ordered him to bend over and touching his toes.  He whined about it but the first spank with my flip-flop refocused his mind.  A few more drove in the point while turning his butt red and insured (I hoped) that he would change his behavior.

Timmy appreciated my efforts and repeated his taunts like the first time a week before with a huge grin.

I made Erwin do lifeguard duty while I swam with Timmy.  I’m sure the folks watched me spank him and certainly saw his hot red tail as they sat at the table a bit back from the pond in the shade.  I’m certain that Mom approved because she always seems to be in charge.  Beside swimming, we also played catch a bit although I let the boys do most of it.

After we were there for a couple of hours, Mom gave us lunch.  While we were waiting to go back into the water after eating, the folks swam and we did lifeguard duty.  Later the three of us were swimming while Dad was the life guard.

Mom was very understanding and suggested that Erwin and I take a walk for a while.  Naturally, Timmy wanted to join us but Dad took him so that we could be alone.  Once we were alone, I lead Erwin by his ‘tail’ just for the fun of it.  When we encountered a fallen tree I sat down and got him over my lap.  He was properly docile and then I gave him a good boy spanking with my hand.  I also made sure to give him his special treat but only allowed a couple kisses from him without any naughty touching.  We both enjoyed our private time.

As always, time past and we had to pack up and head home.  It would have been uneventful had the boys behaved properly.  Timmy teased his big playmate a bit too much although he did back off when told it was enough.  Unfortunately, Erwin did not behave maturely.  He reacted much too much and lost control of his big boy mouth.  I can’t repeat what he said but the folks were extremely outraged.

In one way he was fortunate for we on a main highway and Dad could not stop immediately although he could yell quite a bit.  It was a half hour before we came to a rest area which we could use.  Dad practically yanked Erwin out of the car and dragged him over to a picnic table.  He was tired of lecturing by this time so Erwin quickly lost his pants and was commanded to lay over the table.

Dad pulled his belt from his pants, folded it double and began to strap Mr. Foul Mouth.  The belt made a fearful WHACK and Erwin gave a yelp.  The next eleven cuts each did the same leaving Erwin crying and his butt hot, deep crimson and swollen.  He was lucky that Mom did not wash out his mouth with soap.  One assumes he also got a better impression about what is inappropriate talk in a family situation.

To add to Erwin’s distress there were other people there and at least a dozen kids who enjoyed the show.  They cared little about the whys and therefores but they watched intently as their butts were safe.  I’m sure Erwin heard some of their comments.

I certainly was impressed and so was Timmy who did not say a word to Erwin for the rest of the trip.  Needless to say Erwin was super quiet in every way possible.  Dad just dropped him off at his house and we continued to ours.

I wondered if Dad’s spanking would have longer lasting effect than those of the Dagon who roasted Erwin’s butt frequently at school.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 16, 2022

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