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Do It Your Way


This page lets you adjust the display parameters for my stories.  You make your selections on this page and save them in your browser's Local Storage.  The method also requires that you have JavaScript activated – to set things up and then to use them.  Formally, cookies were used but they are not as secure as Local Storage.  If you had a Coyote Den's cookie, it has already been converted.

If there is a big red line next, then you don't have JS activated.  If you do, then there is a green line telling you that.  This is controlled by how your browser is configured.  The help in your browser explains how to make changes.  Each browser and user combination is separate.

Javascript is turned ON!

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This page lets you set many parameters that control the appearance – you may set the font face, font size, margins and colors.  You can see what is happening as you make changes in the one paragraph display area.  This is in the middle of the page so that on a full screen you will be able to see both the control areas and the display.

You may change parameters by using the up and down buttons or by entering values in the text boxes.  You must click on the buttons and use tab or enter to apply the value for fields that you fill-in.  Now with the improved version you may also set the colors for links.

I suggest that you right click on the directory link at the bottom and open it in a new window or tab so that then you can switch back and forth with any story page to fine tune your settings.  If you just use your back key, you may find that the parameters you set here are gone.  In that case use the recover button to restore them.  You must first save your selections using the save button to activate them for the story pages.  When you go back to the story page, you should do a 'reload' (usually a control-R) to read the newly stored data.

All the story pages that have the YOUR WAY feature, show a red boxed link in the upper right corner.  This will allow you to return to this page to make changes. After you have saved them, use the back button to return.  Again, you will have to do a refresh to see the changes.

I would really appreciate some feedback about all of this.  Please let me know if this is the greatest thing since sliced bread or should be used in the cat's litter box.

You already have some saved data.


Local Storage Status and Controls.   Local Storage:  Does NOT exist.   Return to the directory


Select the measurement unit
(used in the stories):    American (English)    Metric


Set the width of the centered text either as a percentage of the window width or absolutely in inches/centimeters:

 Percent of window    inches    centimeters        

Select percent or unit first.

That's not valid number! Entry ignored"

Font size:  The range is 6 to 36 points (0.5 inch).     

That's not a valid number!  Entry ignored.

Font face:  If you don't make a selection or if you don't have the specified font, you get a default defined by your own browser.  (Please note that if the explicit fonts listed are not different than your browser settings prevent pages from selecting their own fonts and this feature can not work.)
Font families:Explicit fonts:
Default: Sample Text of this font
Serif: Sample Text of this font
Sans-serif: Sample Text of this font
Cursive: Sample Text of this font
Monospace: Sample Text of this font
Arial: Sample Text of this font
Verdana: Sample Text of this font
Comic Sans MS: Sample Text of this font
French Script MT: Sample Text of this font
Times New Roman: Sample Text of this font
Helvetica: Sample Text of this font


WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get

This paragraph shows you how the settings you have selected are displayed by your browser and monitor.  All selections are shown immediately.  When you are satisfied, be sure to save your settings with the Save my settings button above.  When you open a story page that use this feature it will use the last saved setting.  Such stories have the "Your Way" logo in the upper right corner.  Should you come back here you may start from scratch or use the Recover saved settings to continue from your last save.

This is an Unvisited link:  Unvisited    Visited link:  Visited

You must select the item first.
That's not a number (must be 0-255 decimal)!  Entry ignored.
Not a valid color value (must be 6 digits hex)!  Entry ignored.
Color adjuster

Color pallette

Set the colors:

You may set the colors for several different items to make it for you to read.  First select which item from this list:

Background   Text   Side
Link   Link background
Visited link   Visited background 

Then pick a starting color from the palette or use the color adjustor to set initial values.  In either case you can adjust them until you are satisfied.  Please note that not setting the link background colors will effectively make them the same as the main background.  You can make them either the same or different colors than the text but they will continue to be underlined.

You may enter individual color values in the boxes in the Color Adjustor or use the up/down arrows.  The individual color values are 0-255 decimal numbers while the combined value is a six-digit hexadecimal value.

The page is arranged so that you can see what you are getting immediately.  A few special functions are next.

Switch to its complementary color:             

You can use these operations only for the colors you have set.

Swap colors:     

Selecting colors can be a very daunting task.  There are two approaches that can be used.  First, a very methodical one by starting with a lists.  At is a long list of color complete with the six digit hex values which you can cut and paste into the spaces above.  Even more helpful are the linked pages.  If you click on the hex value you get another page which shows a lot of other colors as text colors on the previous one as background.  Second, you can go into kid mode and just play with the up and down arrows until you get what you like.

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